Be happy

„Where women live in torment and grievance, the community degenerates and soon frays. Where women are happy, the community is prosperous because harmony is always present.”(Chinese proverb)
„If you are asked 'what is happiness?', answer: 'to be in harmony with yourself'”. Pitagora

Many of us look for happiness somewhere outside of us. In fact, happiness is always in our hands. Choose happiness and in this way happiness will choose you. You are the forger of your own destiny. Enjoy it and determine in a beneficial way everything you want.



5 Steps to rejoice more deeply your beauty and your smile

The smile beautifies us and which is free in contrast to the cosmetics, can be used in any quantity for any type of skin. Goes perfectly with any clothes. So let`s smile with confidence and with generosity!


Love yourself and be your best friend

The relationship with ourselves is the most important relationship in our lives. It influences our whole life: tone, health, our psycho-emotional state, relationships with others, creativity, efficiency in everything we do, the degree of success


cum sa ai mereu succes si fericire

How to be always successful and happy

The good news is that when something seems missing, it is not actually true. The Universe is full. There is no lack in the Universe. The idea of lack is just an illusion that we often perceive as reality.


fii fericita

Choose happiness

Psychologists say that happiness is "the degree that a person positively evaluates the quality of his overall life". In other words, happiness expresses the measure that a person likes the life he/she is living.


cheia fericirii

Is there a key to our daily happiness ?

In fact with what they do almost everyone is in search for happiness. All spiritual authentic traditions underline the fact that happiness doesn't come from outside but from within...


Încântare şi uimire

Delight and amazement

Do you ever feel amazed by the wonder of your life? Do you wonder at being alive, do smallest things amaze you, the way they complete each other so beautifully and are interconnected in order to create your Life?


16 alegeri pe care le fac oamenii fericiti

16 choices made by happy people (II)

I choose SELF-GIVING instead of EGOISM. Happy people do what they do not for themselves, but for the sake of others, making sure that they bring meaning, force and happiness in the lives of many people.


16 choices made by happy people (I)

We are talking about happiness, we are looking for it, we want it and sometimes we enjoy it. What is the difference between happy people and unhappy people?


Build Your Own Destiny!

The spiritual teachers, philosophers and psychologists reassure us that we have everything we need in order to create our personal destiny. Therefore we are practically… designed to be happy. But how many people take this responsibility?


Happier women: women with rounded shapes

James Watson, geneticist, laureate of Nobel Prize, strongly believes that women who have a harmoniously rounded body, who are more vital and have full shapes enjoy an intense and much better sexual life than thin women.