Build Your Own Destiny!

construieste destinul pe care ti-l dorestiFew people are fully self-confident, because few take the responsibility for their lives. But the spiritual teachers, philosophers and psychologists reassure us that we have everything we need in order to create our personal destiny. Therefore we are practically… designed to be happy. But how many people take this responsibility? How many people do give up much too easily in front of either small or great challenges of life?
Of course, we are not carbon copies. We have not been born with the same qualities, but each of us gets the chance to achieve fulfilment. We only need to take the responsibility for either happiness or unhappiness. And it is our choice to turn the unhappiness into happiness.


How to move mountains
The first step in assuming the responsibility for one’s life leads inside. We must know who we really are. We must know ourselves. We must become aware of all the levels of our being – physical, mental and spiritual. We have the power to build ourselves, step by step, remaining confident that we shall fully succeed.

However, are you afraid that you are not going to make it? There is a story that will give you confidence in the moments of doubt. It is said that a Chinese old man used to wake up each morning at dawn, climb the small mountain nearby, take a stone and throw it into the valley. His son and nephew did the same for a long while. They were thinking that, by doing so, they will succeed to move the mountain. After several years the nephew said: “Grandpa, but we shall not be alive anymore, to see when this peak will be in the riverbed!” The old man agreed: “It’s true, but, for sure, the mountain will be moved from its place sometime.” This is the attitude that results in miracles – being positive that we can even move the mountains from their places. 


Use the magic force of words
In order to gain self-confidence we need a lucid and persistent effort. This genuine, unshakable hope is the belief that we shall always succeed in what we pursue. It is an attitude that we constantly aim to attain, and for this we must change our behaviour, our friends and even the words we use.

We are what we think we are and what we express through language. That’s why the words have a tremendous importance throughout this process. When we use the phrase: “I shall try to do it”, we only express an attempt to act. But if, in turn, we say: “I will do it”, we take the responsibility of making the decision to succeed. Instead of firmly stating: “I can not do it”, we better train our free will: “I’ll see if I do it”.


The use of negation also dramatically limits our possibilities. Speaking is a magic act; and the words are as strong as „Open Sesame!”. We set our mind by what we think and speak. It’s only up to us how do we do it. The women are more receptive than men and should be more attentive what kind of suggestions they accept from the others around, especially from their lovers.
If they are aware about the impact of words they can reject any negative suggestion, because the moment they accept it, this practically becomes a self-suggestion and in time the subconscious turns it into reality.


Keep your fears under the lid
What prevents us from living intensely the present moment, from achieving the peak of our potential, from feeling fulfilled? Very often our fears prevent us from all these. However, the psychologists claim that most of our fears are imaginary, having no real base. We are born „gifted” only with the fear of falling down and of strong unexpected sounds.

So, if you take this piece of news seriously and decide to liberate yourself from fears, you can use a simple method for resetting the mind. Take a jar with a lid. Write down all your fears on small pieces of paper, put them inside the jar and close the lid. You can thus keep your fears under control. You can see them changing in time. Visualize that, by being captive in the jar, they cannot afflict or dominate you anymore.
Look at them with a sense of humour. It does not matter what kind of fear it is, there will always be a comical way to approach it. The laughter helps you to get away from it and master it, transforming its negative anxiety energy into a beneficial energy.

You can also use another simple exercise with spectacular effects. Every time when you have a problem you can imagine that you are on the Moon and you look to the respective situation from up there. The problem will appear to you funnily small. So, you can start laughing at it.  



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