The Road to Happiness Goes through the Heart

 the road to happiness goes through

It is worth to make time for love
We live our lives in a continuous haste. How many times have you postponed week after week a walk through the park or a weekend of delightful intimacy with your lover?

And yet it is worth to make time for love. It feeds us on the inside, if we grant it time, it offers us energy for the soul. If you love more, you live more intensely and you are more fulfilled.

We all keep the synthesis of our past experiences, past loves, victories and defeats. But when we think of love, everything appears in a more lively light, more special, more mysterious.

It is possible that we do not remember what we have done a year ago, in a certain moment. But if  that day is the “day of love”, when we first met the “man of our dreams”, everything comes back to our mind. We experience again a state of exaltation, effervescence, our eyes sparkle with joy. We easily evoke details, images, sensations, feelings. We understand once more that love is the golden thread of our lives. This bright impress makes us be happier, closer to ourselves.


Love story
Each of us has lived a few truly profound love stories. Pick out one of them.

Remember how you felt more beautiful, more powerful, more special. You felt that life is full of mystery and happiness. You enjoyed every moment completely. After a while, when love has passed beyond the fire of desire and crystallized what was necessary to be crystallized, you discovered yourself through him. You reflected yourself in him and you reflected him. You loved him more every day. You let yourself be loved more and more moment by moment. Some women stopped here.

I believe you went further. Without waiting for anything else, without having any more pretensions or requests. You have discovered unconditional true love, spiritual love that makes you stronger, more conscious and more alive. In that love that takes in everything, “me” and “you” become one single feeling, one single colour: “me-and-you”. Your love is more intense, more conscious. It becomes infinite.


Give and you shall receive
Love is constructive and creative, it unites us and raises us. It is a force that regenerates, awakens the soul, a substance that dissolves indifference, unhappiness, the feeling of loneliness. Poems, inspired music, paintings that breathe beauty, all have love in common. The same goes for us. We are full of love. That is why we can give from the overabundance of our love.
Love is real, as real as we are. It is not a sterile concept, but a secret magic. Love is permanently present in our soul – here is the small big secret of happiness. Always at our disposal. Once we have discovered it, it never leaves us. What’ s the use of looking for love in the outside or asking for it from others? If you do not give, you do not receive. Giving love, we shall be loved fully. So let’s grant ourselves time for love. Love is the mission of our existence and it comes with an infinity of nuances.


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