Spontaneity exam


spontaneity examHave I lived 10.000 days or have I lived the same day 10.000 times ?
This is where everything has started. This question has transformed my life into something infinitely better, in joy, in a self abandonment in front of mystery.

We have learned in the primary school that any composition needs a good introduction, a well structured body and a closing. I have applied this principle also in life and I ended up to look at my existence like at a homework.

I must have one or more diplomas, a good job, a house, a car, family, children, to be in line with people, to be accepted and approved by the ones around me etc.

Everything must have a purpose, must be planned, established in detail, go smoothly. No event of life should surprise me. Unknown must be avoided. So to say, I must control everything.

I have noticed that this theory and the behaviours that it determines have secondary effects, negative and devastating. I have forgotten to feel joy. I have neglected my soul and spiritual needs. I have killed spontaneity and mystery.

I gave more importance to exterior safety than to that overwhelming state of inner certainty that I will cope well with all challenges of my life. That the entire universe will always be beside me and will help me and sustain me. That I am a force and life would have not brought any obstacle in my way, if I would have not had in me everything I need to overcome it.


How have I realized that I have become rigid?
Daily simple things gave me the proof. I used to weak up every day at the same hour and followed strictly my habits. I was wearing always the same kinds of clothes, the same colour scale, without any variance. I was reading the same magazines weekly and never looked through any other kind of publications.

I refused to grant time and attention to certain practices that seemed wired and eccentric to me, such as meditation, yoga, astrology. I was making love following a pre-established mental scenario, without imagination or fantasy, always in the same positions. I never entered into conversation with strangers. I never let anything surprise me. I was safe, but at the same time nothing delighted me. I was leading a robot’s life. I was obeying blindly some absurd patterns. My soul was numb. I was limiting reality and I was narrowing my possibilities.

Until one day, when, by a synchronicity, certainly not by hazard, somebody asked me: “Have you lived 10.000 days or have you lived the same day 10.000 times?”.


Here are the pieces of advice that he has given me:
- Fulfill your duties with joy, do not consider them a chore and do not look in them for the reflection of your own importance. Wise men say: “Do what you have to do and be in what you are doing”. Enthusiasm is the one that keeps you young and maintains you alive.

- Do not transform your preferences into rigidities. When based on a past experience you acquired a conviction that you hang to – this a way of avoiding reality. There is only the present and the truth of the present moment may be different from the truth of the past  moments. Evaluate your behaviour not based on such preferences and convictions, but based on what exists and manifests itself in this moment.

- When you feel that you avoid the unknown, ask yourself what is the worst thing that could happen to you. Most certainly, the fear of the unknown is disproportional in comparison to the reality of the consequences.

-“Certain things are not fit to be done.”- that is why you avoid them. Propose yourself to step out of the pattern: run barefoot through the rain, meditate on a bench in the park, sunbathe at the nudism section, make love in a trying on cabin, make a one day trip to the nearest city. Enlarge your horizon with new experiences, that you have avoided so far, because you considered them ridiculous or crazy.

- Evolution is opposed by involution, stagnation and death. That is why you can choose to enjoy every day, to live it spontaneously and originally, to feel alive. Ask yourself every morning: “What miracles has life in store for me today?” or “What can I do today for the ones around me to be as happy as possible ?”


Explore the mystery of the present moment
- Imagine that you can have everything you wish, without limits and that you have at your disposal all the necessary money so you can do everything that crosses your mind for two weeks. You will realize that almost all your dreams are realizable, that you do not wish for the moon in the sky, but for things that you can get by eliminating fear, if you replace dreaming by acting adequately. You will notice how a state of curiosity and eagerness appears: “I wonder through whom, in which way, will God fulfill this desire of mine?”

- Assume risks that make you step out of the routine or determine you to face certain difficulties, but which in time will bring you great fulfillments. Propose yourself, for example, to weak up every morning a quarter of an hour before sunrise, to grant yourself 15 minutes of inwardness and contemplation without thoughts in your inner space. It will be hard for you at the beginning, but you will see “with the naked eye” the spiritual transformations that will appear in your own being. Do not forget that “what does not knock you down, makes you stronger.”

- Do not indulge yourself endlessly in a relationship that does not work. Do not be afraid of loneliness, look at the next period as an active and evolving preparation for your next love. Make a portrait of the ideal man that you wish to have beside you, give it life in your mind, make friends, enjoy being with yourself, accept yourself the way you are and transform yourself spiritually. For sure you will attract a much happier relationship. Giving up has a magic value, so in reality you have nothing to lose, unless maybe your tormenting suffering.

- Fear of failure is often confused with fear of not being approved or of being ridiculed by the others. Allow the ones around you to have their own opinions and evaluate your actions based on your own criteria. You are neither better, nor worse than the others, you are simply different. Stop making comparisons, drawing criticism, rendering judgments. Imagine a dog that is barking for five minutes and then somebody says: “it does not bark so well, I think I will give it a seven”. Cats catch mice; if once they fail, they continue. They do not mourn over the fact that the mouse has escaped them and do not suffer a nervous breakdown because of the failure. Learn what you are supposed to learn from life, from the test that you have not passed, stand up and keep walking.

- Opening up to new experiences means giving up the idea that it is better to accept a familiar thing rather than try to modify it, modification implying uncertainties.


The choice is yours!
Replace fear of unknown with exciting openness, filled with amazement in front of mystery, and transform your life.


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