Delight and amazement


delight and amazementI’m wondering at life, because I live
Do you ever feel amazed by the wonder of your life? Do you wonder at being alive, do smallest things amaze you, the way they complete each other so beautifully and are interconnected in order to create your Life?

Most part of life’s meaning is to be capable to discover the wonder and splendour of the present moment. Every drop of life counts, you are every drop. I mean … YOU ARE HERE, NOW, ISN’T THAT AMAZING ?!

7 months ago life has raised the curtain for a moment and has shown me death. Bum! One second is enough and life turns into death. An accident, somebody’s lack of attention … one pedal stepped on wrongly … or a serious disease, a bullet, a heart attack … Bum! Isn’t it extraordinary that Life has been given to us?

LIFE. Every second and what is beyond it. We were given so much, actually everything!!!


Life is a wonder
You can feel the wonder of the present moment, whenever you want. No matter what happens to you. You can simply wish to wonder at something and you are simply filled with delight and amazement, just like that, anytime you want.

We have an infinity of reasons to wonder at. Life is a wonder … believe me, I know what I’m saying, I have been on the brink of losing it … Life is a wonder and wondering at it is life. Whenever we wonder at something, whenever we are delighted, amazed, we let ourselves be filled with life. Life is amazing!

Wonder at things. There, where you are, now. Can you? Can you let yourself be filled with wonder, amazement, delight, just by contemplating the display of life, as curious as a child … admiring her stormy or calm dance? And in case you cannot, what is the reason for which you cannot live in the wonder, delighted to discover life – curious, astonished, amazed by what there is?

Does it scare you the thought of admiring life as it really is, anyway it is? Do you feel embarrassed to wonder at things because you are not a child anymore? Isn’t it fit, isn’t it appropriate to feel delight at your age, at work, when you are working, when you are among “mature” people? :) This wondering at Life is not serious enough for somebody busy and with his head on his shoulders? But … what does your heart tell you? What is the reason that hinders you from wondering at being alive?


Let yourself be overwhelmed by amazement
You know, the moment is passing by and … in a certain moment you will die. And then … wow. You will realize … you will tell yourself: “All my life I have run after something that should be worth it, that should delight me, astonish me, give meaning to my life … all my life I have been waiting for the wonder to happen, for my dream to come true …”

 And ... that’s the point ... LIFE IS THE WONDER. You exist only in the present moment. Every moment means life. Feel the life from LIFE ! Come on, only right now you exist. There is no future, that greater future that you are craving for, as there is neither the past. There is only now. Now you exist. Isn’t it wonderful?

Transform the way you look at life. Let yourself be enchanted by the life inside you, by the life from the LIFE. Live your life like a wonder. That’s what it actually is! For me it is a wonder the fact that I live.

Do not let yourself be deluded by illusions ... do not wait to see death with your own eyes so that you wonder at life. Look again at the world with the eyes of a child. At least for a day, at least for an hour ...



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