Joy of Life

joy of lifeJoy!!! – One of the most important aspects of your life as a woman
So that you can love, so that you can give, so that you have resources to find miraculous and witty solutions to your daily problems, so that you maintain yourself beautiful and attractive, so that you feel the taste of life, you need YOUR JOY.

Joy – means not only what we receive – gifts, smiles, caresses, but means also first of all what we give to ourselves. Joy awaits to jump from our chest, to flood our day with light … and asks in return a bit of self-love and a bit of action “to let it go”. :)

Joy! – You can call for it by talking on the phone with your friend or even better by meeting with your friends so that you can enjoy together the sunshine, the colours of the sky in the park full of green, the stories of the soul. You can call for joy by preparing surprises for your beloved ones and even for yourself.

You can create it by singing under the shower, by dancing through the house while preparing to do the housekeeping, by cooking your favorite dish, searching through beautiful memories, by turning the music on full volume, by helping people, by looking for perfection in everything you do, by savouring the results of your work, by jumping into the arms of your lover, by baking cookies for the little one, by caressing your children, by fondling your dear MAN, by creating delightful moments of warm (or even hot:) intimacy.

You can introduce in your life simple things that bring you pleasure – treat yourself with bath foam in your bathtub or candles in the bedroom, put many flowers in pots or in the garden and speak to them and let them speak to you, stroke a cat or play with a dog.

You can find joy in admiring yourself in the mirror and thinking always very nicely about yourself and even imagining yourself in different hypostases that throw a good light on you. (because what we think is what we get!).

You can simply enjoy the hours spent in the sun or in the fresh air (when the sun plays hide and seek:)), at least on your road towards home, humming a song and breathing deeply or savoring an ice-cream or pretzels or whatever reminds you that you also, in your heart, are a child! :)

And God will surely smile and will hold out his protective hand above you and in tune with Him, the people from your life will smile also, enjoying YOUR JOY!


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