How to Get Used to Happiness


how to get used to happinessHappiness is made up of tiny fractions
Happiness in our life is made up of tiny fractions of kindness of a quick smile, a kind look, a heartfelt compliment, of many and infinitesimal pleasant feelings.
We have got used to feel it normal to live our live in a continuous rush. How many times have you delayed for weeks a walk in the park or a weekend of delicious intimacy? It is still worthwhile to make time for romantic love. It feeds us from inside, allowing enough time to love offers energy to our soul and brings happiness in our life.
Happiness does not depend on outside circumstances, but it is rather a habit or emotion that is cultivated by ourselves, within ourselves. If we do not try to make it grow by postponing it for ever, we will never be able to reach the land of bliss, in future.
Whatever you do, be happy, even when you do not like the task you have to do, when something occurs and you do not want to be interrupted from what you do, even when you're convinced that there are other situations which could match you better than the present one.


Live in love, live in happiness
There are many ways to achieve happiness. One of them, and perhaps the most enjoyable, is love. The more you love the more happiness you get.
On the other hand, sexuality makes good pets with love. It is really the perfect couple. Many choose only the one or the other, there are few who have found the secret of happiness and have learned the art of combining them both in a perfect way. When you love you feel the need to become one with the person you love. It is actually one intense desire of the soul to merge with the sublime from the other person. Some are satisfied only by the sexual adventures, so-called "strong thrill”. Sex without love is unfulfilling and empty and it always leaves the taste of lack. But when love is present, it offers a durable not fleeting happiness, an eternity of happiness and not moments of ephemeral pleasure. Love is constructive and creative; it unites and strengthens our souls. Sexuality is the engine that pumps us with energy, it stimulates and revives us.

Sexual energy, as the love energy is a force that regenerates, which awakens the soul when is consciously directed. Addressed in a sacred manner it becomes a subtle substance, a light that dissolves indifference, unhappiness, feeling of loneliness. Poems, inspirational music, painting that breaths out beauty, all shares the union of love and sexuality.
Love is real, just as we are. It is not a sterile concept, but a secret magic. Love is always present in our hearts - this is a great little secret of happiness. It is always at our disposal. Once discovered, it will never leave us.


Play with the love energy, it will lead you to happiness
We all keep the synthesis of the experiences we've had, past loves, victories and defeats. But when we think of love, everything comes in a more vivid, more special, and mysterious light.
You may not remember what you did a year ago, in a specific time. But if that is the "day of love" when you first met the "dream man" everything comes to mind. We live in a state of exhilaration, ebullience; our eyes are shining with joy. We easily evoke details, images, sensations, feelings.
One more time we understand that love is the golden thread of our lives. This light footprint makes us happier, nearer the Essence of ourselves.


Each of us has experienced some really profound love stories. Choose one of them
Remember how you felt more beautiful, more powerful, more special. How you felt life being full of mystery and happiness. You have fully enjoyed every moment. After a while, when love has passed over the fire of desire and crystallized what was necessary to be crystallized, you discovered yourself through it. You have mirrored in it and reflected it. You have loved him more every day. You let yourself be loved with every minute more and more. Some women have stopped here.


Maybe you went on
Without waiting anything, with no claims or demands. You found unconditional love, spiritual true love that makes you stronger, more conscious and alive. The love that embraces you totally, "me" and "you" become one feeling, one color: "me - and - you". This love is more intense, more conscious; it becomes infinite and is always accompanied by happiness.


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