Is there a key to our daily happiness ?

We all want to be happyIs there a key to our daily happiness ?
In fact with what they do almost everyone is in search for happiness. Some are conscious about this fact, others are not. We want to obtain what we consider that we need: a job, a home, a car, a lover, a husband or a wife, a child etc.
When we obtain this we are happy. For a while. Because immediately after fulfilling a desire there comes another one. We want to fulfill this one too from the same reason: we want to be happy. And so on... our life becomes in a chase for happiness that - we believe - it depends on something or on someone exterior to us.
And still all spiritual authentic traditions underline the fact that happiness doesn't come from outside but from within... What is the truth actually ?
If we look very realistically and honestly at our life and the life of people around us we see that truly the constant state of happiness comes from within, from the relation we have with ourselves, from the way we relate to others and from our conception about life or in other words from our point of view.
What goes on in our inner forum forms a kind of screen or filter through which we see people and life. This filter that limits us to a certain degree the right perception over ourselves, people and life can be transformed consciously through concrete actions that we do.
Let's take a very common example: if we fought with the loved one all day (or week, month or... sometimes for years!) we are sad and not in the mood of communicating with those around us, life seems somehow poor, without color. From the moment the conflict disappears suddenly everything seems to shine: we again feel confident, we joyously communicate with others and life seems again complete.
As we mature we learn to deal very differently with these situations and to surpass them quicker. This kind of conflict does not color our entire life for days because we learned how to forgive. We now know that in a love relationship is not important who is right but who loves more. We now succeed to communicate to the other about what we feel and together we overcome the situation by settling - together also - what to do so that these situations won't appear again.
All efficient psychotherapies and authentic spiritual traditions talk about forgiveness as being the key to our daily happiness. When we forgive our filter on the world and people is radically transformed. We can say that the practice of forgiveness matures us spiritually very quickly and fills our soul with happiness.


Is there a key to our daily happiness ?Forgiveness, the panacea of the soul and the key to happiness
It has been found that from a medical and social point of view if we don't forgive this can literally kill us via the body's diseases that this action generates and also via the altering of the relationships and the environment that we live in.
Today the "civilized" man does not know forgiveness firstly because he is not educated in the authentic spiritual values: love, friendship, truth, good, balance, humbleness, beauty etc. A great deal of importance is accorded to the cultivation of competition, ego, criticism and overpowering prestige and power, especially financial power.
But because we live in a transition era towards a real spirituality we discover more and more often miracles of healing when the patient inner orientates towards authentic values of life (love, forgiveness, humbleness, good etc.) and really cultivates them in his soul.
These ethic and moral values have been the main ax of life in all spiritual traditions of humankind. By estranging from these fundamental authentic values today's society has reached a critical and very serious step. The responsibility of overcoming successfully this planetary crisis belongs to everyone of us through the choices we will make from now on.


The practice of forgiveness is essential
To forgive means to give up on any type of critic, judgment and resentment for a person or a situation even if in that case we truly are right.
It means to let love and compassion manifest through us because these two always work together.
It means to develop the wisdom of accepting people the way they are with all their characteristics and spiritual maturity level they have in that moment; it means also accepting the situations the way they appear without blaming ourselves or others for them.
All these attitudes have before anything else a magic effect over our soul and inner life. Is just an appearance that forgiveness is a good made to somebody because actually we are making it to ourselves. Forgiveness brings peace, a lot of inner silence and thus, happiness and contentment. It's worth being applied to convince ourselves through personal direct experience of its effects !

What can we do in order to forgive ?
Before anything we must really want to forgive.
Then we can apply one of the consecrated techniques for this whose main goal is attracting in our being the energy of forgiveness - divine energy that flows in us from God when we ask him this with faith.
Here are some of the most efficient methods:
 1. The simple prayer said from heart and with a firm faith.
 2. We can also use Lord's Prayer
 3. The technique for emotional healing of Brandon Bays presented in her book "The Journey".
 4. The Hawaiian technique, Hoponopono, that states in saying as often as we can the four formulas: I love you, forgive me (we can also use: I forgive myself), thank you, I am sorry.
 5. Trying to open our mind and soul as much as we can in seeing reality from other points of view but our own because this enriches us very much.
 6. Is very useful and efficient to really aspire in always acting from a right point of view according to the authentic moral and ethic values, that is having a divine point of view.
 7. When is difficult for us to forgive is recommended that we ask for help from a psychotherapist or a person whose wisdom we trust in.

We will certainly know that we have forgiven when we will feel in our heart that we can truly love the person or the situation that produced the conflict. Is happier the man that desires to love more then to be right even when is obvious that he is right !
When forgiveness will become a constant practice of our live, happiness will be a habit for us.

(We recommend watching a movie that will elucidate you even more on what truly means to forgive: Amish Grace).


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