Choose happiness

"Any human wants to be happy but in order to succeed he/she first has to find out what happiness is." Jean Jacques Rousseau

Choose happinessWhat is happiness ?
Psychologists say that happiness is "the degree that a person positively evaluates the quality of his overall life". In other words, happiness expresses the measure that a person likes the life he/she is living.

Before entering the core of this fascinating subject is important to know that happiness or unhappiness are states of the mind and are not necessarily subjected by exterior circumstances and conditionings. In other words happiness or unhappiness comes from within and not from outside our being. Is important to know that as long as we don't know to be happy with ourselves, we will never know how to be happy in a relationship no matter how many premises happiness would have. Nobody can be happy in your place.

In the dictionary "happiness" is defined as a state of an intense and complete contentment of the soul, a state of complete satisfaction, bliss.

Two persons can react very differently in the same situation: while one can become anxious or even tensioned, the other can maintain a state of peace and happiness. What determines our happiness or unhappiness is not the exterior circumstances or conditions, but our mental attitude or our reaction to those circumstances.

There is a legend that says that we are born in this life as perfectly pure diamonds without any scratch or defect. While we pass through different trials and pressures of life, our inner radiance becomes more and more pale being hidden under a crust formed by different tensions that we accumulate. It's worth learning to manage wisely life's situations that we confront with in order to rediscover our radiance and always be happy.

Can you laugh endlessly at the same joke ?
A wise man talked to the audience and at a moment said a joke. People laughed with lust. After a few minutes, the speaker said the same joke. This time fewer people laughed.
After several minutes, the wise man repeated the same joke. This time nobody laughed. Some of the people barely smiled while others were watching surprised and others started to fidget puzzled somehow by what was going on. The wise man stayed still and watched them until the audience calmed and no whispers were heard in the auditorium.
He then said to them:
- Is clear why you cannot endlessly laugh at the same joke. But is it clear why you cannot cry endlessly for the same thing ?

Choose happinessWhat is the source of true happiness ?
Various religions and traditions underlined the fact that inside us there is a tank filled with joy, happiness, love, peace and wisdom. It received various names such as: "The divine Self", "The immortal Self", "The Source", "The Spirit", "The divine Spark", "Atman". Here, in the depths of our being is important to enter in order to have access to true happiness. The good notice is that we always have with us this source of true happiness !!! The change of our mental attitudes in a positive way allows us to get more and more closer to this source.

"The road to happiness requires effort and patience" says Dalai Lama but a road of 1.000 miles always stars with a first step" says a Chinese proverb.
What we are left to do in order to always be happy is to correct our mental attitudes or in other words to reprogram our inner bio-computer. In the universe there is no law that determines us to be afraid of something or somebody or to cause anxiety, anger or a certain unpleasant state. These faulty programs in our mind are being structured by us in our first years of life when our mental structure is still immature. Sadly what we experimented and programmed back then still controls mostly our reactions towards the world even today.

The mysterious game of life
Life is a mysterious divine game - sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. This is why I suggest you a game:

Think ! What if everything is just the way it should be ?!

Now accept anything that is contained in the present moment, accept it as if you would have chosen it - and only then act ! This will miraculously transform your life. The past does not exist and the future is potential. We can fully live only now in this present moment because only Here and Now we can truly act. But if we don't promptly act in life right Here, right Now, we are probably not going to do it neither in 10 minutes neither the next day or who knows, maybe never.

"If I wait to be happy, I will wait forever;
If I am happy right now,
I will be happy forever." (Er. M.K. Gupta)

People that always postpone their happiness are just like children that always try to catch the rainbow and the faster they will run after it, the smaller will be the chances for them to catch it and enjoy it.

Today I choose happiness and I wonder at every rainbow.

Are you ready to do it ? If you said YES to happiness you have chosen well and soon you will be convinced.


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