You are unique. Choose to go ahead


you are unique. choose to go aheadWhat is beauty?
It is a saying "there is no ugly woman" except the women who have not discovered themselves yet. Each of us has a unrepeatable charm. The effervescence and joy of feminine soul are coming by living this charisma. Whether it shines with exuberance, or it is discreet, beauty represents in essence a mixture of truth, goodness and harmony. It is a mysterious attraction for perfection, a call of the soul toward realization.
The beauty and sublimity from within allow us to discover proper essence, the one we have denied or ignored sometimes. They lead us quickly to the inner center, if we open gently our hearts and accept the nature of this feminine mystery, which inspires us more than anything or anyone could ever do.


You have got used to compare yourself to other women?
Give it up. Our mental and psychic inhibitions, the inferiority complexes, negative suggestions keep us away from what we really are. We, the women have a well known tendency. We compare ourselves to other women. Is she better? Is she more beautiful? Is she more intelligent? and so on. All these multiple comparisons give birth only to mental combinations, which cause only problems, fear and complexes. In fact, the real truth is that every woman is unique. UNIQUE.
This means that everyone has a something specific, unique, irreplaceable. When you discover this unique in your own being, you start really enjoying your femininity. And starting with this moment a large part of suffering reasons is completely removed.
How good it is to feel yourself unique. To enjoy yourself. To feel free, joyful and happy! The fears that someone else is more ... or more ... are only illusory waves of the mind. Regain your balance. Recognize your own truth, your own beauty and uniqueness.


You are never abandoned, your destiny chooses differently
Have you ever been abandoned and you thought he found someone better? Another woman better ... than you are? Yes, it is a known scenario. But this scenario is false, tricky and this does not define you as a being. He has chosen someone else at some point, hasn’t he? Yes, it is possible that his decision does not go in accordance with your soul desire. And your suffering can be understood in a certain degree.

But from this point going on with making tragedy during months or even years in a row, this is an exaggeration. She is not better than you, because there are no terms of comparison between two women. We, humans are so complex and different, that two individuals can not compare themselves. It is like you try to compare a universe with another one. You are you, unique and extraordinary, always perfectible, it's true, but unique and unrepeatable.
I was also abandoned at one moment. Now when I look back I realize that for every woman, this is a good life experience, if she knows how to assimilate this as an experience, to learn something from it and to choose to go ahead smiling. That's what I chose. I chose to be happy. I cried for a few days, I asked myself what happened, what mistakes I did and I learned from my mistakes. I meditated and I asked the universe for answers. And in the heart quietness I have got them. Then I realized that everything that happens to us is in an evolutionary sense. So I wanted to see the bright side and I planted in my heart the hope that my future is more colorful, more alive, happier, this way I made a step forward. And this future had quickly become present.


Find your uniqueness
Choose to be happy for what you are and for what you have at a time, in the present. I use very often the word "CHOOSE". Because I believe that every moment life offers us many options to choose, and we are the only ones who are responsible for our choices and paths we decide to take.
If someone has not appreciated you at a time according to your real value, this does not mean you have to let that experience define you, even if such thing has happened twice or even several times. This means you have got used to think about yourself in a way, which others start to believe and think about you too. Do not be surprised that other people see you the way you see yourself, because everything that happens to us is what we attract by our beliefs, thoughts and ideas. So pay attention to what you are thinking. If you feel yourself unique and you know that you deserve everything you desire, and you have everything you need to be appreciated and loved, so it will be.


You are free to choose whatever you want
Be always a fighter. Be always a woman who believes in herself, in her beauty, in her uniqueness. Close your eyes and find inside of you the woman love, sensuality, tenderness, and sensitivity. Each of us is an individual expression of the Eternal Feminine, which is always there. Reconnect yourself to this macrocosmic source of love, divine energy, femininity ... of all you want. Here comes everything: charm, grace, purity, spontaneity, dedication ...

Finds inside of you the Eternal Feminine beauty and uniqueness!


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