Take your daily portion of love


take your daily portion of loveI often think about the people who are dear to me, who are close to my soul, whom I love. And these thoughts fill my soul with warmth and beauty. We all have in our lives people who are like angels for us, messengers of light and grace. So that the evolution should be faster, we have beside us also the small tyrants. Those who challenge you continuously, who bring forth the limits of your patience, tolerance and love. Carlos Castaneda said that it is important to recognize them and keep them, not to make them leave as we would have the tendency to do. Because what brings difficulties in our way is not always an obstacle.


Take the decision to love consciously
I have had a period in my life when I had also less pleasant thoughts. Faces of the ones who have irritated me came to my mind, problems that tormented me or issues that discontented me. And that did not make me feel good. That’s why, at a certain moment, I have consciously taken the decision to spend a few moments experiencing conscious love daily.

How do I do that? I take moments to think about somebody I like, somebody I love. This way I have an excellent source of content and optimism. I remember the old saying: “one apple a day keeps the doctor away”.


Now I can say: “A moment of love keeps sadness away!”
This way I noticed that my feelings and thoughts have become positive all during the day. I would not dare to say that now all my thoughts 100% are always positive, but I’m pretty close. And I feel that a considerable part of this progress is the effect of this small exercise.


I love you – the universal remedy
I’ve got used to do this thing in the morning, when I wake up: I close the eyes and breathe in air into my lungs a few times. Then I ask myself: “To whom should I send my love now? Immediately appears in my mind the image of somebody – my lover, somebody from the family, a friend, a colleague from work, a neighbour, maybe even a person that I have noticed during my walk in the park on the day before. replica watches 2 u

I realize that it really doesn’t matter who it is. Then, I simply wish that person a day full of love. I send him/her a ray of light coming from my soul and immediately I feel much happier. When I’m done – everything takes a few minutes – I feel that my soul is ready for a new day. And thus I feed my own happiness. replica watches

In a certain mystical way, the atmosphere of those few minutes, accompanies me for a few more hours. Some say that this means to cultivate a positive, beneficial and healthy resonance. Others say that it means you have opened yourself to the light. And others say nothing, but practice. Test yourself this little exercise and you will see that all of them are right.replica watches


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