Love yourself and be your best friend


The worst loneliness is not when you are alone [ie without other people around you], but when you're a bad companion ... for yourself.” (Jacques Salome)

love yourself and be your best friendWhat importance do you give to the relationship with yourself?
Each one of us has and maintains different relationships with other people: couple relationship, family, friends, work colleagues. We invest time and energy in these relationships according to their importance in our lives.

But how much do we pay attention in time and energy to the relationship with ourselves? How important is for us this relationship? How does it influences the quality of our life?

The relationship with ourselves is the most important relationship in our lives. It influences our whole life: tone, health, our psycho-emotional state, relationships with others, creativity, efficiency in everything we do, the degree of success.

Being a good friend to ourselves means:
· To love ourselves
· To accept ourselves
· To forgive ourselves when we make mistakes
· To trust ourselves and have high self-esteem
· To respect ourselves
· To appreciate our value
· To self-transpose into an ideal person

What is self-love?
Self-love is the state of love towards our own being which makes us sink into our soul and to listen to the voice of our heart. It's that feeling of love that makes us always follow the impulse full of wisdom of our heart.

It's that feeling of love that makes us discover that we are unique beings, endowed with a mysterious radiant beauty. It's that feeling of love that makes us shine and let the entire treasure of our soul to come out, to flourish and bear fruits.

When we love ourselves we are lively and authentic. We forgive ourselves when we make mistakes and learn from the mistakes. We leave ourselves guided by the wisdom of the heart instead of pursuing the conveniences, prejudices and fears.

love yourself and be your best friendLove yourself even if you are not perfect
When self-love is low we believe that we are worthless and do not deserve love unless we do everything we pretend from ourselves and if it changes what we do not like in ourselves now. Only if we check all the list of what we think are our responsibilities.

This is a belief that is often unconscious. But it makes the being concerned to pretend  from herself very much, to be tense and irreconcilable is unfair to itself. The person does not know or can not afford to relax, to enjoy his/her life as it is.

It's important to realize that we deserve to love ourselves for what we are now, because we exist. To bow our ear and listen the inner voice of our heart. To know ourselves from the point of view of our heart. To put off, at least for a little while, the claims of our mind or of those around us. Let's give an essential place to our relationship with ourselves.

Make a list of your qualities and achievements. Use this list to remember for what you love yourself. Especially in times when we make mistakes or we are dissatisfied it can greatly help to feed our self-love. We will rise more easily and find ways to go forward triumphantly.

Life is not a race against the clock to check as many points on the list of to do things. Life is primarily a journey towards the essence of our being, an adventure of self-knowledge. Relax and enjoy what you are, enjoy the journey through life.

The way our life flows depends very much on how we regard it. Choose to look at life through the "glasses" of self-love. You will find it much more beautiful. You'll notice that you receive gifts every day. You will realize that you have to give much more than you thought. You'll feel more loved and happy.

Self-love makes us happy
Have you ever said, thinking of a man that you fell in loved: "if would just love me then I’d be happy!" Your heart is like an in loved waiting to remember it and to pay it attention. That's all it wants to be happy.

I realized at some moment that if I have a tense relationship with someone I may choose not to interact with that person. But regardless of the quality of the relationship with myself, I will be with me all the time. Therefore it is better not to be in contradiction with myself, but to love myself and enjoy what I am.

This new approach of my life brought me more tranquility, peace and happiness. As I did other steps in self-love, my happiness has increased. I see the entire life in a different light and I wonder every day, like a child, of it’s beauty.

I invite you, wonderful women to fill your life with happiness by cultivating loving relationship with yourselves!


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