5 Steps to rejoice more deeply your beauty and your smile

 5 Steps to rejoice more deeply your beauty and your smileA smile brings joy
Usually when I leave home I meet a neighbour about which I almost know nothing, but with all these she conquered my heart. As every time when I meet her she delightes me with her smile.
And it feels that is not a polite smile, but she smiles from her heart. It`s a contagious smile. My face brightens every time I see her, I enjoy deeply her beauty and her smile.
I realised this way that the smile beautifies us and which is free in contrast to the cosmetics, can be used in any quantity for any type of skin. Goes perfectly with any clothes. So let`s smile with confidence and with generosity!


The power of your smile!
The smile highlights the beauty of your face.
The smile reveals to the others how is your soul.
It regenerates you
Life it`s more beautyfull when you look at it with the smile on your lips.
Has the power to enlighten the day of someone.
Can say more than a thousand of words.
Enriches us every time when we offer it.

Smile more every day!

I suggest five steps to smile more every day:

1.    Start the day with a smile
When your alarm clock (or the alarm at your phone) is ringing  in the morning, instead of saying ”Of, I need to wake up again to go to the job”, choose to smile. Smile to the day that starts!
Stay a few moments with your eyes closed and smile. Let the energy of the smile to fill your whole being. Then open the eyes, get up from your bed and continue to smile.
Go to the bathroom to wash yourself and look yourself in the mirror and smile to yourself. You are a wonderfull being and you deserve a smile.
When you have breakfast with your family, smile and lighten up their day.

 5 Steps to rejoice more deeply your beauty and your smile2. Smile to your body
If the models in the magazines make you think you don`t have a beautyfull body that deserve to be loved, STOP! Think that not even those models do not look in real like their very processed photos.
Smile to your body as it is. Especially those parts which you do not consider beautyfull or those that are ill.
The smile has the power to beautify. You can realize this, looking at the difference between a sad or upset face and a smiling one.
But in addition, the smile has the power to relieve the pains and to heal. The smile stimulates the brain to produce endorphines. Their role is to diminish the physical and emotionl pain, they relax you and produce to you a state of well. While we smile, our organs are onygenated and irrigated with blood and our body regenerates.


3. Appreciate the good moments in your life
Think of everything beautyfull that happened into your life and smile! Be greatfull for all these wonderfull moments!
Think at all the people that have done something good to you and smile to them into your soul.
Smile now also to the difficult moments. Thank them as they make you stronger. Without going through difficult moments we would not grow strong. So these moments of our life deserve also our smile.
Also smile to yourself for all the moments when you had the courage and the power to overcome the obstacles.

4. Look to a child which laughs
Children smile almost 400 times a day, while most of the adults smile maximum 20 times a day.
Look to a child that smiles or laughs and let yourself being imbued by the energy he emanates, by the beauty and the purity of his smile.
Remember your inner child and smile to him. Let yourself enjoy life the same like a child, candidly, with serenity and curiosity.

5. Smile to the nature
We regenerate when we go in the nature. When we watch the flowers, we have the feeling they smile to us.
In your turn smile to the flowers, to the grass, to the trees, to the rays of sun, to the drops of rain, to the snowflakes... Smile to Nature, as she smiles to you already.


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