You are in the mood for laughing, you are in the mood for life

ai pofta de ras ai pofta de viata

It is Sunday, a very sunny day and you are in the nature with your friends. Or you celebrate your birthday and your house is filled with gifts and guests. All of you are having a good time  and you get along wonderfully. The atmosphere is joyful and relaxed. You suggest a game. It is a group game and it has spectacular effect.

You lay on the grass or on the floor. Each of you places the head on the abdomen of the person behind you. And now... you simply start laughing. Often the laughter starts spontaneously; however, if you remain serious, you can say a joke or remind them a very funny happening which more of you witnessed.

You will realize for yourself how to apply a mathematics law in everyday life: laughter increases geometrically. It is enough for one of them to start laughing.... and all of you will continue. The good mood will reach fantastic levels. Experiment this for at least 15 minutes.
And beware of the effects! The technique energize spectacularly the solar plexus, the centre of the will about the Orientals speak. So you will feel lighter, profoundly relaxed. The blood circulation will improve remarkably, you fell joyful, more confident and in a very, very good mood.

You are like a chargeable cell. The stress and all the difficulties disappear. You feel a state of general well-being. And after so much laughter, communicating with friends is much easier.
This exercise has an alternative, too. In the morning, when waking up, before getting out of bed, remember a funny situation. You will not be bestirred by others. Even if at first you will not laugh full-heartily or very little, it is worth persevering until you are able to laugh  your heart out. The energy you create this way is pure gold for the entire day.


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