Happiness – learn it every day

happiness - learn it every dayPsychologists have remarked that the way in which we think and act is producing happiness or unhappiness. Each time we are free to choose. It is important still  to find the fastest way towards authentic fulfillment.
You can attain the habit to be happy. The steps are simple. First of all, relax. Sit down in a comfortable armchair. Relax your body and search even for some minutes preoccupations which are pleasant and disconnecting.
Remember a moment when you were quite happy in your past. Live it again. What you were thinking then? Allow a smile to appear again. Let it blossom now.
Discover the mechanism. If you manage just once, you will manage each time for sure.


You modify your attitude, you change your state
When you think of happiness, you maybe remember a moment you experienced during a date, in the park, with your lover, or when you passed the most difficult exam or your colleagues from work appreciated you. Why that? Because most of the times we associate happiness with the events from our life, with something which happens outside ourselves.
Yet, happiness is an inner state, which can be evoked and lived all the time even when there is nothing sensational happening in our life. Even if the event which made you happy has passed, you can maintain the state of happiness through evocation. May be you have observed that lovers are always radiant and happy when they remember the moments when they met their beloved. They evoke then, spontaneously, because of the state of being in love, those happy moments. You can do this at will with different happy moments from your life. Anyway, there is much better to evoke happy moments than your mind to remain anchored in traumatic situations (which feed the being with suffering and fears).

There exists another modality through which you can keep the state of happiness in your life. In happy moments be aware of your body attitude, of the way in which you are breathing, of your way of thinking, of your attitude on the whole, of the way you interact with the others. Memorize those attitudes in order to apply them  later in more difficult moments, because the attitude creates the aptitude. When you have a hard day straighten your spine, look straight, smile to those around you, be full of goodwill. Such an attitude can transform as through a miracle a hard day into a good one, in which those around you help you, support you, help you to solve the problems which you encounter, or, simply because you choose to be happy and to adopt a bracing attitude, things you have to do can appear to be not so hard.

Once you have attained the state of happiness or another positive state, keep it. This is an efficient solution for the problems which you meet in life.


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