Happier women: women with rounded shapes


happier women: women with rounded shapesLife of many women is fundamentally influenced by fashion
But the tendencies of fashion are not always inspired, healthy and beneficial. An example in this respect is the fashion of diets for loosing weight in order to have filiform shapes, similar to the ones of the feminine top “models” who present the clothes of the big fashion houses. Especially for the young girls, loosing weight becomes an obsession that affects their growing up and their health and of course also their good spirits and happiness. You eat less, you have less energy and a poor capacity to have good results and efficiency in what you are doing. In the following, we will see that science has made discoveries that confirm the fact that women with round shapes are much happier and have a more beautiful life.


Rounded shapes indicate a strong sexuality
One of the most respected science people in the world has recent come up with a theory according to which people who have a very well built and harmonious body are happier than thin people. James Watson, geneticist, laureate of Nobel Prize (he is one of the scientists who contributed to the discovery of the ADN’s spiral structure) strongly believes that women who have a harmoniously rounded body, who are more vital and have full shapes enjoy an intense and much better sexual life than thin women.

Watson, whoas it is known, has conducted successfully the project of the human genome, has shifted his domain of interest towards the controversial science of human image. He has recently affirmed, in a conference at University College from London, that his researches already suggest that extra weight and a harmoniously shaped body have certain biological effects that make women acquire a more flexible and harmonious character and also makes them be  much more gifted from the sexual-amorous point of view.

“Bodily thinness and feebleness have never been associated with sexuality”, said Watson, who is now 72 years old. “Posh Spice and Calista Flockhart may seem to be very smiling in front of the photographers, he says, but in spite of all that, beyond this glamorous exterior, there actually hide some weak and unhappy souls”.

His studies regarding the alchemy of the body have conducted him to the conclusion that, in case of women, extra weight and a harmonious roundness of the body have the effect of increasing the number endorphins. This generates naturally the increase of good spirits and even a considerable improvement of the states of the soul. This is accompanied also by an increase of the sexual hormones that lead to the arousal and amplification of sexual - amorous desire. 
When the body is thin and has less fat on it, it has been noticed an opposite effect – the brain receives less endorphins.


A woman with rounded shapes is always contented
Watson’s theory is valid in this respect both for women and for men. The explanation is that in the past man has spent a great part of his life looking for food. The reward after a hard work was the food and this triggered a harmonious development of the body and a gain in weight. That is why, if we are too thin, it seems that there appears unconsciously the sensation that we are waiting for the next meal.

Watson concludes in evolutionist terms that: “a thin man is almost in every case an unsatisfied man. The men who are very contented are the ones who have harmoniously developed bodies. This is, among other reasons, why thin people are employed easier, as they are generally discontented, which will make them work harder. People who are bodily harmoniously developed have usually a better temper, are more amiable, but often do not have so much success in being promoted on professional line.”

On the other side, it seems that thin people are often conditioned to act out of the need to find that happiness that they lack. That is why material success can be easier obtained by thin people (as a compensation – but on an inferior level).

“Kate Moss is probably considered as being one of the most famous persons in the world, but yet, her body and her face look like the ones of a very sad person. Actually who knows any happy top model?”, asks rhetorically Watson. “Why do you think that the association of such persons with drugs is so close? But I believe that, in her case, it is not the case of a person with a bad morality, but it is the case of a person who is very thin physically and aims to find her happiness with the help of drugs.”


Endorphins – hormones of happiness
Watson’s interest in this domain is purely scientific. He came to have what he calls, as a joke, his last “obsession”, that he got during chatting with a taxi driver from New York, who informed him about a scientist from Arizona, who was aiming to create a new medicine and has injected to himself a hormone that caused him an 8 hours and a half  uninterrupted erection!

The respective hormone is called MSH (melanotrope pituitary hormone) and is correlated with sexual desire and the sun of light. “MSH is a hormone that always brought me boredom until I have found out these things”, said Watson. But the interest being already awaken, he has started to research attentively this hormone and thus he has discovered that MSH is closely connected with other two chemical compounds from the body – endorphins (that , as we know, causes the states of pleasure and good spirits) and leptines. It has been established that MSH is influenced by leptines and is closely connected with sexual desire.

“The more harmoniously bodily grown we are, the more leptines we have and it is very possible that then we have also more MSH”, says Watson. “My opinion is that our inner state is controlled, to a very high degree, by the endorphins. There’s no doubt that we have at our disposal more endorphins if we are more harmonious from the bodily point of view. Because of this reason, for example, nobody has ever represented Santa Claus as being a thin man – because thin men are often anaemic and discontented.”
“I am looking at couples who have harmoniously grown bodies in a totally different manner, he says. On the contrary, when I see a couple of thin people, I know almost for sure that they have some problems.”

That’s why Watson recommends women with full shapes and harmoniously developed bodies to find lovers who should be equally gifted (what concerns the vital and sexual energy) in order to have this way a life as happy and satisfying as possible.


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