Natural growing of the breasts by creative visualization


natural growing of the beastsOne of the most amazing and vast researches about the power of the mind was done by dr. Richard D. Willard from the Behaviour Science Institute from Indiana. He has invited 22 volunteers, who were between 19 and 54 years old, to use self-suggestion and visual imagination in order to make their breasts grow.

At the beginning of the study – described entirely in American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis – five measurements of the breasts were done for each woman – circumference, height, width and other parameters – that were done by a doctor who was not taking part in the experiment.

The volunteers have come to doctor Willard’s clinic once a week for six weeks in a row and once every two weeks for the next six weeks. At the first meeting, the women were instructed how to relax the muscles of the whole body for 15 minutes.
They were recommended after the relaxation to imagine that their breasts were covered with a wet towel and that the towel transmits to the breasts the sensation of warmth or to imagine that a hot light bulb radiates its heat directly upon the breasts.

Once the women felt that their breasts became warmer, they were asked to suggest to themselves that they feel a pulsation in the mammary tissue. They were recommended to do daily at home this exercise described above.

At the end of the 12 weeks of the experiment, 28% of the women have asserted that their breasts had grown to the desired dimension, 85% have confirmed that their breasts have grown significantly and 46% have communicated that they had to buy larger brassieres. The circumference of the breasts has grown with 3,5 cm, the height with 1,7 cm and the width with 2,5 cm. Most of these women have declared at the end of the experiment, that the simple act of thinking about their breasts generates them the sensation that warm blood is flooding their breasts.

Other positive effects: the women who, at the beginning of the experiment complained that their breasts were different in size, have stated that these inequalities have disappeared. In all cases an increase of the consistency of the breasts was noticed. At the same time, approximately 63% of the women, who at the beginning complained that their breasts hung down, have declared that these have regained their roundness and firmness. Besides that, in order to make sure that the growth of the breasts  is not a consequence of gaining weight, the women were weighed at the beginning of the experiment.

Studying the modifications that appeared, dr. Willard has established that there is no correlation between the initial size of the breasts and the amplitude of the final growth. But on the other hand, he established the existance of a connection between the easiness with which the volunteers were able to imagine visually the flow of blood into their breasts and the final growth of their breasts. Only two women, who considered, in a subjective manner, that the sizes of their breasts did not grow (but in fact there were measurable increases of all the parameters) had difficulties in imagining that they feel their breasts warming up. 


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