The three main types of feminine beauty in Ayurveda


the tree main types of feminine beauty in ayurvedaAYURVEDEC system emerged in India with more than 4000 years ago, but the deep knowledge of the human being and life, given to humankind by the wise people who have revealed the science, which according to the traditional texts has divine origin, is perfectly valid today, as it was the other time.
The structure of human being has not changed significantly since then (although for some it may seem surprising) neither did human problems and aspirations. Every age, the mindset has undergone through some changes worldwide, but some elements stayed unchanged, even in this respect.
The aspiration for beauty, for example, is a strong need of human soul now as it was then. However, the thing that a large number of people have forgotten today is the origin of beauty.


Origin of beauty
The Ayurveda reminds us that the true feminine beauty is never confined just to the attractive body shape, but it is a result of the overwhelming harmony of a woman body, soul and spirit.
For every woman there is such a unique harmony that can not be found in the same way at another woman. The more woman is aware of the aspects of her physical body, soul and spirit that she has, which are beautiful and create her uniqueness - the fascinating "I do not know what and do not know how" - the more she will be able to be not only beautiful, but also attractive and charming.
For a woman to be charming it is not enough to have a pretty face, as flawless picture. Only when such a face (and body) well made comes with mystery, sensuality, refinement, gentleness, goodness, power of love, tenderness, or other qualities of the archetypal feminine soul, it makes the woman who is "devoted" to be a truly beautiful and charming woman.
When a feminine look is very beautiful and also presents these features of feminine soul beauty, it becomes simply ravishing. But if a feminine face and body is not universally accepted as beautiful, but it is accompanied by the features of feminine soul beauty, it becomes still beautiful, gets a light that makes physical forms charming, even if it could not have a certain symmetry or perfect harmony.


The three types of feminine beauty
Although every human being is unique in its own way, there are some common traits that define human typologies. In the AYURVEDA system there are described three main human types, called VATA, PITTA and KAPHA. In AYURVEDA system human types are described in a very complex and nuanced way, and knowledge about them offers numerous prospects of implementation in almost all life spheres. For women, one of the easiest practical applications of this typology knowledge is to identify the type of beauty that is specific to every one and which development is most advantageous.


Feminine beauty of VATA typeFeminine beauty of VATA type
"Classic" type of beauty specific to this kind of women is "suave and ethereal beauty". Women with this typology are by nature with no effort very slim or even skinny. Tall with very long legs and arms, they meet all the criteria required by current fashion, which is almost exclusively orientated to this feminine typology.
The skin is soft with a transparency that often let the veins be seen. Naturally the woman with this typology has blond hair from the nuances of wheat ear, to the shades of brown and is often curly or wavy, sometimes "rebel " and difficult to comb..
The features are not very regular, it may be slight asymmetry, which gives such women a special gloss. Their eyes are blue, from the shades of gray with steel flashes to the deep blue of clear summer sky. Small breasts, the narrow shoulders and hips are compensated by long arms and legs, making these women often look as a teenager even at older age. Moreover, a youthful vivacity and dynamism are specific to this kind of women, which make them look agitated.
Their mimicry is very expressive; they like talking a lot actively using gestures in their speech. They have an exuberant imagination, are intelligent and have artistic inclinations. Mostly it is a bohemian nature, who loves to travel a lot and dance. They easily make friends and are generous.
In love they are fully unexpected, like everything that is unique and cannot adjust to the routine. It is unlikely to ever be bored in her company, but you cannot make too many plans. They are full of fantasy, excitement, exuberance, loving and communicative.
Life with them looks like the effervescence of the glass of champagne. They disengage easily and start a new relationship without difficulty, but they are not the kind of housewife and do not have strong mother inclinations. However, if they have children, they will grow in a spirit of freedom, brotherhood, and they will be rather their children's friends than a maternal authority.

The main qualities of VATA feminine typology:
Grace, thinness, mobility, originality, joy, enthusiasm, communication, heart openness, intelligence, refinement, sweetness, optimism, innovative spirit, initiative spirit, creative imagination.


Feminine beauty PITTA typeFeminine beauty PITTA type
Women with this type of beauty are eminently seductive, Amazons, fascinators.
Their body with medium size is very well proportioned. With a musculature well drawn, rounded shoulders, the arms and legs with a firm carnation give an impression of supple strength. The buttocks are well drawn, "high" and round. Breasts are of medium size, but very nice and firm till the old age. Talia is also very well defined, and hips are round and arched. The skin is brown, olive or white with pink shades.
The face with regular features, symmetrical, straight or aquiline nose and a well-drawn mouth, is unforgettable, it impregnates as a medal in the mind of the seduced one. Their hair is naturally reddish to reddish- brown shades, throws Bengali flashes, which make look more deep the fascinating green of their eyes.
Shades of emerald eyes have a glow that conquests and often dominates. They give the impression of a full and subjugated penetration in the soul of the one who watches them.
The physical appearance of such women is very suggestive regarding her temper. Fascinating for others, she is fascinated by life herself. Being very passionate she awakes passions in turn. She is dynamic, passionate, loves life and likes to live intensely. She is a fighter, even in love, and often defeats in a game with two winners.
She is very courage, attracted by adventure and the unknown. She cannot be surprised by banal or predictable gestures. When she loves, she abandons herself completely and burns like a burning flame. She is able to sacrifice everything in such love and give everything, but attention – do not play with her. Because she does not easy forget and she is very demanding. She lives at high altitudes and requires the same force. She is very smart, has a remarkable power of observation, quick reactions and a very eloquent speech.
She is effective in her actions with a well developed practical sense and brave, she is always "self-confident in any situation." She knows what she wants in life and always chooses the shortest path, which ensures success. Sometimes she can opt for adventure, for the sake of conquering what appears to be unconquerable. She loves everything that is beautiful, bright; she loves jewelry and luxurious clothes. She often spends large sums of money in a flash on something she loves without regrets.
She likes order and is a big fan of practical ingenious creations. Nature is deeply rebalancing her and she likes to do sports in nature or admire the delightful background. When she is opting for marriage (which does not always occur, because her desire for freedom can make her prefer a relationship with "no obligation"), she is a loving mother and wife, but demanding. She has a special power of encouraging and motivating.

The main qualities of PITTA feminine typology
Dynamism, powerful eroticism, intense love, transformer, courage, self-confidence, practical intelligence, eloquence, nonconformity


 Feminine beauty of KAPHA type Feminine beauty of KAPHA type
Women with KAPHA type beauty can be considered to be the symbol of womanhood.
Their traits evoke sensual femininity, the maternal and eternal one. This type of feminine beauty is not currently cultivated enough, although it best expresses the feminine authentic traits. It's the kind of complete, abundant femininity, full of tenderness and love.
The body of such a woman is well built, with a firm backbone and a carnation abundance. The arms and legs are strong and full, big breasts, and well-developed buttocks. The skin is of white satin, the hair is dark brown to blue-black with thick, shiny wire, grows very fast and is very beautiful. The skin is "like milk ", big eyes with long lashes, they are shiny and radiates a calm magnetism, in which you feel that you sink. She has a mouth with full and sensual lips, strong white teeth. The face of this woman emanates an indescribable sweetness. Her voice is deep with a gentle twist; her speech is calm and moderate. She is often it silent. She is devoted, loving, tender, protective, tolerant and forgiving, full of understanding and patience; she is a wonderful mother and wife who inspires an unconditional trust.
She is much bestowed in love, she "turns on" hardly, but then she will faithfully love even a lifetime. She is able to do many sacrifices when needed, usually she adores life pleasures. She surrounds herself with a cozy and very nice ambience, loves to cook and has a very welcoming home. She has a natural talent to make you "feel at ease" and therefore attracts many friends.
She is calm, relaxed and gentle. She loves children very much and often has a lot of children. She is cautious and prudent, uses money with measure mainly to ensure her comfort. She likes perfumes, cosmetics and flowers. She loves music, literature, she has a profound culture of family and past, and she preserves traditions and has an innate religious sense. She is very affectionate, sometimes sentimental, but also has a strong sense of reality, which makes her stay "grounded".

The main qualities of KAPHA feminine typology:
Vitality, sensuality, affection, tenderness, kindness, forgiving power, strength, physical and mental strength, stability, loyalty, tolerance, spiritual depth


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