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A friend asked me to tell her about beauty. I take a deep breath, a smile appears playfully on my face. This story has no beginning and no end, is a continuous game, a continuous search and retrieval, and a profound prayer in and for the Eternal Beauty.
In a day that was cold, gloomy and raining from all sides, I was standing in the bus station hidden under my blue umbrella. I clutched it trying to support it. It had a saving idea and I put the headphones, I selected a beautiful song and it seemed I was warmer. I’ve straighten  my back, I felt much better. Around seven boys, 8-9 years came to the bus station and suddenly the atmosphere became more animated.
One of the boys, which I felt was the bravest of the group, approached me and waved that he wanted to tell me something. He said: "My friend says you're his girlfriend!",  he paused and showed me with the eyes on his handsome friend that was  no more than one meter tall, had a big blue sea beanie and a bag to big. He had dark eyes and a smile from ear to ear. I could feel his soul vibrating with curiosity.
I embraced my admirer with the eyes, then said a little undecided, "Well, someday we might!"
The smile suddenly disappeared from the face of the little brave man which brought me the news. He made big eyes and told me in wonder almost stuttering: "But he is a minor!"
I immediately I answered: "Well, so I said, someday!"
I’ve made a short break and then I added: "Would you  ask your friend why he thinks I’m his girlfriend?"
The little droll made no comments and he went to his friend to whom whispered something in his ear.
In a blink I saw him right in front of me, he looked into my eyes and told me: "Because you are the most beautiful!"
I’ve expanded instantly into  a boundless bliss, I embraced the whole bus station, then entire Bucharest, then the whole country.
With a great noise the car stopped in the station. The little adamant knights sat in a line forming a lane, they’ve made me  understand that they will go up only after I'll get in the car. So they did. In the car they formed a circle around me, I felt safe with them. By their attitude they conveyed a lot of determination and responsibility.
The friend of my knight asked me if I go to Subway. I answered  affirmative. At the station "School" they all went down, leaving only my admirer. I felt he would like to ask me something, he looked at me timidly, secretly. He did not say anything and went down to the next station.
Immediately afterwards I called my boyfriend and I told him everything what  happened.  He replied: "Sweetheart, I notice that the army of pretenders becomes increasingly bigger!".  Then, on a more serious note, after a pause he added: "Yes, beauty awakens souls!". I thought " What a wonderful sign from the Divine Beloved! "


Beauty is the expression of love and dedication
For me beauty is the expression of love and dedication. When you’re looking and discover constantly the beauty within yourself and others, all around you, beauty becomes a  path of spiritual evolution. Beauty, in fact, after so many centuries still remains a mystery. The beauty of a woman can even liberate, because a beautiful woman is a happy woman, dignified, free, dedicated and self-aware. And all this together represents  the absolute love, without beginning and without end.


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