The key of beauty and body harmony

the key of beauty and body harmonyBeauty and health
All women magazines talk very much of these very correlated subjects. If we would make a rapport about how much time we allocate to beauty by us women and how much time to the maintaining of health, I think that the time dedicated to beauty is clear winner…


There is no need for studies
Our daily experience demonstrates that. For the care and beautifying of the body, more and more “technologies” are developed. False nails, hair braids, all kind of make-up products, many recipes for creams and oils for skincare, fitness machines, aesthetic Surgery which advances and is more and more searched even it is not recommended, all aim that we look more beautiful, more appealing.

However there are moments in our life when even we look impeccable on the outer, yet we do not shine, no one turn the head after us. Maybe only the expensive clothes which we are wearing are attracting the others eyes, but not us as being. And there are cases in which we were just a simple T-shirt and jeans, and we only have only on our eyelashes, and everybody turns the head after us.


The secret of beauty
That means that the secret is another one. It consists in the states which we have, in the emotions we mostly experience, those which we allow ourselves to experience every moment.

When we talk about body shaping, the thought is bringing us automatically to diet and physical exercises. Although they bring results on a short term basis, diets are very inefficient on a long term basis. And the physical exercises must be realized constantly, daily, in order to maintain the results.


What is missing from almost all weight loss programs is the emotional training
We talk about eating on a stress background as something very usual and normal, which in reality is not at all healthy. We self-abuse ourselves eating too much when we feel an inner emptiness which we believe we cannot fill, when we need “something sweet and good” to happen in our life.

In other words, any program of body shaping must include also the realization of an emotional training through which our emotional intelligence to be developed. In order to have a healthy, harmonious and beautiful body we have to transform our emotional habits once with our eating habits.

It is necessary an effort of will also in this direction. It is worth doing it because because the emotions we feel represent the main factor which is shaping in reality our body and in the same time our life. As an exemplification of this reality, in the book “The 5 wounds which stop us being ourselves” the writer Lise Bourbeau talks about the 5 forms our body can have in correlation with the predominant emotional wound which a being has.

Concluding, each time we wish to make a transformation that lasts regarding our body shape, we have to start from the reality that our body, mind and spirit represent a whole, and harmony at the level of our body implies harmony at the mental, emotional and spiritual level.


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