Natural methods to have beautiful and healthy breasts

natural methods to have beautiful and healthy breastsAssuming that we have no breast disease (for example breast nodules, fibro-cystic mastosis, mastitis  etc),  we can use several methods to achieve breast’s  beauty.
Individuals who have, however, some of these diseases is recommended to solve them first (in this direction there are natural treatments based on  herb extracts remarkably effective in all breasts conditions) and after that may apply the beauty recommendations described below.


Increase and / or breast lift.  Dr. Chang massage
In two to three months, the breasts may increase by 50% if is performed daily massage lasting 15-30 minutes. This massage has the effect of toning  the breast tissue.
The most effective breast massage technique has  proved to be known as "doctor Chang's method" described below:
1. We sit in such manner  that the heel of the bended right foot will pressure the area above the urethra (on the clitoris). The pressing must be moderate but firm enough to produce an erotic effervescence, which will be maintained throughout the massage time. It then starts massaging the breasts with circular movements slowly but intensely.
2. Will be evoked mentaly the growth process and breasts harmonization. Visualize innerly, through a process of creative imagination, the breasts  as beeing fullfilled and harmonised.  Will live intensely the state of success and the culmination of our efforts.


Medicinal massaging oils
Use natural oils with herbal extracts that penetrate the skin and trough their stimulative characteristics which they excert on the breasts, these remedies will enable an amplification in the natural process of growth.  Among the most popular remedies regarding breasts growing we mention :
- Wheat germ oil – is a product which can be obtained now in most health food stores: apply in moderate doses, one to three times a day. It has estrogenic effect and is very rich in vitamin E;
- SUPERBUST oil containes dill and fennel essential oils with similar effect of female sex hormones by natural phytoestrogen content.  Is stimulant to blood and lymphatic circulation, trophical, decongestant, tonifier for breasts.
In the case of soft or atrophied breast is recommended, in addition to the massage described above ,  compresses with soak of lady’s mantle and ivy, that can be applied 15-30 minutes, two times a day.
A special appearance of the skin, smooth and silky will appear if using the PENELOPE cream, that contains four varieties of aloe, chitosan - extracted from crustaceans, vitamins with  nutritional value (A, B5, E, F) and coenzyme Q10, with " anti-time effect".


Natural diet
Natural diet, eliminating smoking and coffee consumption will further accelerate the processes of rejuvenation and beauty. Daily consumption of at least two liters of water will provide a slight body detoxification, hydration and a better appearance of the skin.
Approaching  a recipe of herbs (liquorice, fennel, dill, capsella bursa-pastoris, fenugreek) in proportions adjusted according to your constitution and age, by your herbalist doctor,  will surely bring the desired results.


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