Natural Cosmetics - Rose water

natural cosmetics - rose waterWhat is rose water?
Rose water is used in ancient cosmetic treatment of skin problems, in some religious ceremonies and in food preparation (due to its special flavor).

It is a by-product in the process of rose petals distillation in order to obtain the rose oil.

When we want to buy rose water we have to be very careful, because on the market next to the (pure) natural rose water there is also rose water containing chemicals. In order to enjoy its special properties it is better to choose pure rose water.


Cosmetic properties
Lots of women generations have used rose water for skin and hair treatment. It has many benefits and it is suitable for all types of skin.

- is moisturizing
- softens and tones the skin
- has anti-inflammatory properties, reducing skin irritation
- cleanses skin pores
- has mild astringent properties, so it is recommended to close pores after facials
- has antiseptic and antibacterial properties
- stimulates blood circulation in the capillaries
- maintains the pH balance of the skin
- has healing properties
- stimulates the regeneration of the skin
- helps to keep the skin young and elastic
- has antioxidant properties
- soothes sunburns
- stimulates blood circulation to the scalp,
- strengthens the hair root and stimulates its growth and helps to regenerate the damaged hair.


How to use rose water for cosmetic purpose
It can be used as:
1. Cleansing – a cleansing pad is soaked with rose water and gently wipe the face. It can be used for all types of skin including sensitive or irritated skin.
2. Toner - spray rose water (with a sprayer) on face, neck or even the whole body. Nourishes and moisturizes the skin giving it a bright and smooth aspect.
3. Compress - make rose water compresses on the irritated areas of skin.
4. Spa beauty - may be added to bath water or hand baths (for hydration and softness).
5. Soothing moisturizer after sun exposure - spray skin with rose water using a sprayer.
6. Ingredient in cosmetic masks - can be added in beauty masks, replacing water.
7. Natural hair spray - is sprayed with a hair spray. Helps to moisturize and regenerate the hair. It is also recommended to daily massage the scalp with rose water to strengthen the hair root and prevent its falling.
8. Aftershave - having antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties, it is appropriate to use rose water after waxing or shaving.


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