How to get a high grade in communication (II)


how to get high grade in comunicationAdvice from the sages
Accept what you truly are. This is the first and most important step on the path towards self-knowledge. This doesn't mean self-indulgence. You hear some people saying: “I am jealous, I am violent, this is it. Who loves me, loves me the way I am.”

It is just a cliché  used by those who don't want to transform. Accepting your inner reality (whatever it may be) helps you to clearly and precisely set the time coordinates in order to realize a authentic spiritual leap. There is no other way. From an imaginary point it can be done only an imaginary step. But when you truly know where you are, what is with you, there is a great chance to transform something in good or even in better. So, no mater how painful or embarrassing it is, accept it.

Be honest with yourself. Without honesty you cannot get too far. But not halfheartedly: “Yes, I admit, I have some flaws but I saw them in most people. It's not a big deal.”

Look at you with the utmost attention and detachment: without excuses, without interpretations and without the feeling of guilt. Leave the others alone. Just watch yourself.

Observe yourself especially in life situations. The different circumstances in which we find ourselves are revealing less pleasant, less known or even undesired aspects. Let them get out! You just look at them. The hardest thing is to resist the first wave, because there is the tendency of getting involved, but as often as you will do this attentiveness exercise, as easy it will get.

If you want to know yourself, you can also try differently. A notebook, a pen and goodwill is all that you need (a recorder would also be perfect). Aim for tow-tree weeks to find a free hour in the evening for this exercise (before going to bed would be best).

All you need to do in those 60 minutes is to note down every thought that passes through your  mind. Anything. As naught as it may be. As terrifying. You just  note it down. Don't bother giving a literary form to the passing thoughts. Don't interpret, don't censor, don't dilute. Let your mind as free as possible in order to allow your subconscious to surface.

You will be amazed. You will know another person, but thank God, you will finally see you, without masks, without schemes. You will need courage for welcoming you with open arms. We will cheer for you.


How to get a high grade in communication Understand that you are labeling
Another nuance or acceptance is to realize that you have a lot of preconceived ideas about people and life. Also here you are not alone. We are all labeling. The other one is barely opening their mouth and we are already sticking the label on their forehead. But, after all, on what moral principles we are relating to when we criticize the others? To the same ideals from which we are abdicating every day? Well, if we are all in the same boat, why can we not accept each other the way we are?

You want to transform? Begin with yourself. Every time you desire for people to be somehow, to act in a certain way, this thing should give you food for thought: something is missing. Otherwise, why are you consuming so much energy transforming the others?

You want to be happy. This is all about. Your happiness. You would do anything to fulfill  your heart's desires. And it is normal. But do you want to change the world for this? You have a lot of work to do. Think: billions of people, so many religions, traditions, cultures.

Maybe it is not necessary to modify just everything, but anyway it is an enormous workload. And even if, at one point, you will succeed, you wouldn't be happy anyhow. It will always be something left to transform: you.

What you will do with you? The world will be perfect, what about you? Wouldn't be simpler to start with you and leave the other ones?  When you will be transformed, the world will also be different.

Remember the days when you were in love. Heaven was on Earth. The others are like mirrors in which we reflect. As much as you wipe the dust from a mirror, if the Dragon is sitting in front of it, the reflection will never be Prince Charming...


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