Training for Mind Reprogramming

by Georgiana Dăneţ


Training for Mind ReprogrammingLike any conviction, self trust is an act of faith. Even the fact that you have no trust in yourself is an act of faith, but a negative one, which cuts off the resonance with those qualities belonging to you, but that you do not trust in.

Self trust needs a lucid and objective process of auto-analysis,  it implies accepting yourself as you are, with your personal qualities and defects. Do not fight with your negative features, it is more efficient to replace them with their opposites (e.g.fear disappears when courage is amplified), and do this  with understanding and self indulgence.
If you simply like yourself as you are, the process of resonance will amplify everything you admire and love in yourself, because love nourishes any growth. But if you consider you do not have enough qualities, admire them in other people. In Time, you will feel you magically contaminated with them.


Love yourself in the mirror
You succeed in looking delightedly at someone else? Then you deserve to do the same with yourself. Try an exercise which has  a huge power to transform the image you have about yourself.

Make yourself comfortable in a chair placed in front of a mirror, close your eyes and empty your mind. Take calm, conscientious breaths. Open slightly your eyes and look at the image in front of you as if you see “that person” for the very first time. Notice the impression he/she makes on  you.
Notice how all the mimics  are in full accord with your thoughts and emotions.
Aim at making  contact with the image into the mirror by relaxing your face and keeping control of your respiration.  If you notice any negative sensation, modify immediately your attitude and emotional state, by using your respiration. Imagine yourself replacing a negative attitude with a positive one and aim at feeling the “new person” as being real.
Close your eyes and assimilate this new experience, feeling it deeply, in all levels of your being.

The mental attitude can transform our lives. Self-transfiguration deserves to be our permanent attitude. Why should we look at ourselves in an as good as light as possible? Because it is normal to fully assume our value as human beings. It is not the case to appeal to our false modesty.
Self trust is a form of love directed to ourselves, to all that exists, to the universe that created us.  


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