Meeting with Brandon Bays


meeting with Brandon BaysNo more worries, no more stress. The moment has come to experience today the state of profound peace and divine love which has its source in that wonderful space of your soul, called Home. What would it be to feel today that you receive Home the answers of your inner searches, and an inner journey gives you free access to decode and heal yourself at all the levels of your being?
May the peace and love which Brandon Bays speaks about in her book “The Journey” be your guide in order to allow you, in the end, to feel all what you feel, to be truly yourself, as you truly are beyond the etiquettes which you superimpose on yourself or which other superimpose on you, beyond judgments or criticism towards yourself or others. True transformation starts exactly from where you are and healing starts with the total acceptance of your own states, even that sometimes there are negative emotions. Processing them in an adequate way, they will thus lead you towards that place inside of you- The Divine Self or The Source, as Brandon Bays defines it.


This extraordinary woman healed herself by her own from a cancer tumor which had the size of a basketball
The diagnosis which she had received in 1992 determined her to start an absolutely remarkable journey, which brought her towards the freedom and healing of her own soul. In only six and a half weeks, the ultrasound declared Brandon perfectly healthy - without medicines or surgery. After this healing Brandon has developed a very accessible technique which she named it “The Journey”- a self-healing process of an absolute originality, which since has allowed other thousands people to follow her courageous example.
With the help of Brandon’s technique, the emotions which bock us and trigger different somatic diseases are eliminated as some toxins from the organism. After I have read the book, as a psychologist, I have started to practice this technique with my friends and my clients. The efficiency and simplicity of this method enchanted me.
I have had the opportunity to meet Brandon Bays during the workshop “The Journey Intensive”, in Prague. I have had the enchantment to observe how a dream comes true under my eyes, how it grows step by step and how, in its specific way, the Universe conspires to the fact that, what already have started to have a form in my heart started also to happen in the outer reality.
And because gratefulness expresses itself best when we pay back what we receive, I want to share with those from home this improved version of the technique which has been presented to us in that workshop in Prague.
Practicing this method I have seen how many people managed to realize this inner Journey towards those memories stored in the cellular memory of their body and, processing those memories they attained healing.
Your body is eager to share with you what it needs in order to go further in a perfect state of health.


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