5 simple steps that can help you overcome your fear

5 simple steps that can help you overcome your fearFear holds a lot of people far from fulfilling the dreams that really matter in life. Just when you develop the ability to get rid of fears your life can really become grand. Is easy to believe that successful people are fearless but the truth is they have cultivated the courage to pass over their fears, to surpass and annihilate them. You can do the same if you will take the decision of not letting any fear to stand in your way.
When you know where you want to reach in life when you are decided to get there no fear no obstacle no challenge can stop you.

1. Awareness
The first step in overcoming fears is becoming aware of them. So is necessary to become aware of the fact that some blocking fears exist for you and also to find out what they are. When you know what are you afraid of and how this fear affects you mentally and physically you can start doing something about it.
Sometimes even just becoming aware of the fact that you have a fear diminishes its intensity. So write on a piece of paper your biggest fears and you will immediately notice an improvement of the state you have.

2. Act
The next step is acting. To do something practical that counteracts the respective fear. If you are afraid of talking in public quickly find a way of speaking to many persons and so will desensitize the respective fear. Try to follow a course that can teach you the best ways in helping you become a good speaker and so you will see that your fear diminishes more and more.
Think of a domain in your life that you excel in. You see there any fear ? Probably not because fear has its source in the unknown and is sustained by the lack of self-trust. So know your fear and find the ways that you can suppress it.

3. Face your fears
Before facing the fear you confront with is necessary to recognize and accept it. Many of us pretend living without fears but in reality we hide them and shove them somewhere where they don't appear so obvious. But this doesn't mean that they don't exist and are not influencing us. When you face courageously your fears you realize that the fears in your mind are much bigger than if you would have to confront them in reality. Once you understood this there is very little to overpass them.
Every time I placed myself face to face with a fear of mine, I realized that it wasn't the way I imagined it to be. My mind made the fears look much bigger then in reality and this helped me every time in finding my inner forces to overpass them. So I amplified my courage and self-discipline, two qualities that we always need in life in order to succeed in what we purpose.

5 simple steps that can help you overcome your fear4. Free yourself
One of the most efficient ways of getting rid of fears is to free yourself from them, to let them go, to give them up. Many times we attach to our own fears and we identify so much with them that we begin to live with the feeling that these fears belong to us, are part of us, they are us. Learn to give up on your own fears.
Find your specific way to let them out of your life. For example you can use this next simple technique. Relax. Inhale deeply on your nose and when you exhale visualize that the fear you want to get rid of gets out of you. Repeat the exercise for at least 10 minutes and you will see that you will feel more free and relaxed, more fearless.

5. Meditate
The last but not least is meditation. Sit and stay still for 15 minutes every day and center yourself inside as profound as you can. You will find here the inner strength that can overcome any fear any difficulty any obstacle. If you do this daily you will see that your fears will diminish and in time you will create yourself a newer and superior habit of living without fear.
When you quiet your mind you notice being more receptive to inspirations and receiving solutions for your life's problems. You ever had a genius idea while washing dishes or taking a shower ? This is exactly what happens when you meditate. Meditation does not mean just sitting in the lotus posture. You can meditate while you walk, wash dishes or do anything else. Meditation means focusing on just one thing at a certain moment.

We hope that these little advices will help you overcome your fears. Remember that you are the only one responsible for your life and only you can make those transformations in order that everything gets better.


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