Do you want to become a genius? Dare


do you want to become a genius? dareBrilliant inspirations
“It is quite funny. Rarely do you have the chance to hear such “crazy” ideas, but, ironically, always when I realized brainstorming and I applied the founded solutions, I have had great success. It is like, for a while, a gate towards a world of infinite possibilities would open for you.
And we all have felt that we are inspired and in a way guided, step by step, towards that flow of ideas which in the end has a wonderful solution, unique, bright, which amazes us all.”- tells Ioan N., 33 years old, PR manager.
“To see a world in a sand corn and the sky in a wild flower; to behold the infinity in the cupped palm and the eternity in the passing moment.”
It is the Whitman-Blake effect. In the scientific language it is called the flux of images; a connection effect of the poles, of balancing the brain hemispheres. A small stimulus produces thought storms. Through this effect, the marginal cortex realizes an alchemical synesthesia upon the senses and everything metamorphoses in genial ideas.


Solutions - efficient keys through brainstorming
We offer you an exceptional technique which has to be realized in a group. It is called brainstorming. Ideal would be to be realized in a large group. It has a very vast range of applicability: through it, the employees easily find the key solutions for success and prosperity and the ways to surpass crises, the actors in a theater make the scenario of a masterpiece of art, the students realize applications marked with the highest mark.
How it is done? The first step is to arrange a special meeting for the group members. Which is the second one? It is establishing a clear goal… for example: to find the best title for a book, to overcome the financial crises in which the company is, to attain in a six month period a state of overflowing humor, etc.
After this, start a recorder. All what will be said in the meeting will be recorded. The idea of the exercise is that each of the group members, starting from the chosen theme, will tell in a loud voice the first solution which comes in his/her mind, even if it looks inappropriate, funny or does not fit at all. 
Rule of thumb: the ideas must be born one from another, this is why in a time frame of 30 minutes no affirmation is rejected, judged, or criticized. The ideas are analyzed after the technique is finished.
The creativity and originality are thus manifested unrestricted, because the analytical mind does not interfere anymore as a limitation or a censorship. The mental connections step out from the sphere of schemes and prejudices, and the associations between words and images become more suggestive, more unusual, more surprising, and more comprehensive.
It is recommended then to listen to the recording, carefully, several times. You will be surprised by the elegant solutions which you will find in this way for the problems you wish to solve.


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