The secret of success: The control of the sexual energy

The secret of success: The control of the sexual energyWhat is the secret of success ?
In the last 20 years there have been written I dare to affirm hundreds of thousands of pages about what to do to be successful. Either in business or in couple relationships, either in the relationships with your children or simply in relationships with other people.
Numerous experienced psychotherapists, business people with remarkable results or people that approached successfully some of the spiritual authentic traditions gave different "recipes"  in order to obtain success in no matter what domain.
So we found out some of these essential ingredients:
- faith in God
- the capacity to love
- the elimination of any form of fear from one's being
- the power of intention
- self-trust
- efficient communication with others
- real management of emotions
- right choices
- the efficient action according to a plan established with wisdom
- perseverance and tenacity
- overcoming all obstacles that come in the way of success
- learning from our own mistakes or of others
- the wisdom of renunciation when is the case, etc.


The secret of success: The control of the sexual energyThe base ingredient of man's success in life: the control of the sexual energy and its transfer
Napoleon Hill is one of the people that really discovered through careful analysis and perseverant study the base ingredient of man's success in life: the control of the sexual energy and its transfer, how he calls it.
What Hill discovered is exactly what ancient spiritual oriental traditions say, tantrism and taoism: the controlled sexual energy can be sublimated in other forms of energy bringing success in the beneficial direction that is oriented to.
Hill calls this transfer the process by which an element or form of energy transforms into another form of energy. In the tantric tradition the process by which a form of energy passes to another form of energy is called sublimation.


But how we obtain this energy ?
Is true that every one of us dispose of a certain quantity of energy, but what is not known yet is the fact that every human being holds a huge potential sexual energy - in the form of matter: sperm in the case of man and menstrual secretions in the case of woman. These "prime matters" can transform into energy and this energy can be sublimated, meaning transformed, into affective, mental or spiritual energy.
The transmutation is realized very intense and easily when we make love and perfectly controlling the ejaculatory impulse for men and the explosive discharge in the moment of the orgasm for women. The sublimation is realized by sublimation techniques (from yoga or taoism), by sport or by firmly orientating to a specific beneficial goal.
Today science proved clearly the fact that inside our body these two processes, transmutation and sublimation, happen all the time at different levels of our being, even if we are aware or not of them. But when we become fully aware of them and their value and we realize them at will, we are amazed of what we can accomplish. Yoga and taoist techniques that determine the production of these two processes are easy to do and very efficient.
The sexual energy is the most important type of energy in the human being because it is the creative energy through which we create our own life. "It must not be repressed or eliminated but it must be given a valve through the forms of manifestation that enrich the body, the mind and the human spirit". (Napoleon Hill, "From idea to money")
When we dispose of a big energy and we feel animated by enthusiasm in realizing the beneficial goals and ideals we then can say that life has color. And in the moment we perfectly control the sexual energy we truly become free and we can create the life we want.
In world's history is well known the fact that really successful people have been animated by a powerful sexual emotion and the fact that they had a very big erotic energy. This offered them we can say the main support, the energetical perfect "fuel" for what they had to realize. Then they were motivated by a beneficial and divine ideal where they invested all this "fuel". And they succeeded.


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