Self-confidence originates in listening to yourself


self-confidenceHeart listening gives birth to self-confidence
One of my favorite songs is "Listen" performed by Beyoncé. Do you know it? I could call it a manifesto of identity - a woman's voice rises, affirming its uniqueness, finding the strength to break away from others expectations (no matter how close they are), to find herself and to manifest following the inner voice, the voice of her heart.

I think every heart is unique. And I think that every heart speaks. In secret heart leads us to what is good for us; tells us what we really want and urges us, startling every time when opportunities show in our lives to fulfill our heart dreams, longings, aspirations, desires that fulfill our heart with joy.

Well, from this heart obedience, self affirmation and manifestation of what we are everybody in the unique and unrepeatable way, the SELF-CONFIDENCE is born. Because self-confidence is the certainty that you are the one you are and it is good that you exist.

Self-confidence is a gift that you offer to yourself whenever you listen to and interpret what your heart murmurs to you; a gift that makes you smile, makes your voice be heard in the sky, makes you dance freely on the life stage, be - simply - Yourself.


Exercise to discover yourself
Sometimes it is time to retreat in the heart to watch yourself, to listen and to know yourself. A time to sift and discern. A break from a habits chain, a detachment from what is known. Solitude and reflection in the clear waters.

I suggest you to pick a day of this week to spend in solitude. You with yourself, listening to your inner voice in order to clarify your thoughts, detach yourself from the past, listen to your favorite music, make lists of what you want to accomplish, dream and visualize, meditate, and especially wonder, "Who am I?"

This inner query in solitude, meditation on inner voice, is essential for a woman's life. For without self discovery, how could self-confidence exist?


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