Euphoric dance - dance of soul


euphoric danceWhat is the euphoric dance?
Dancing may be just a sequence of body movements, but equally it can be a way to fully enjoy your soul and bring out the spiritual light in your heart. Because in this case it is not the harmony of movements that is important, but the inner harmony, the euphoric dance has no rules and therefore it is not necessary to be a good dancer to experience it. Dancing freely without any rules or limit fills us with cosmic energy and helps us to regain the state of balance and happiness. Euphoric dance is a dynamic form of yoga that offers the access within us and our soul.
While working with the groups the themes of personal development and emotional healing through dance, I have discovered a process of seven steps leading to euphoria and inner joy, that’s why I called it euphoric dance:

1. Energetic Balance
2. Unity of mind, body and soul
3. Flexibility
4. Emotional Orchestration - release of hidden power from inside
5. Reconnection to the soul euphoria
6. Inside Illumination
7. Celebration of Divine Unity

The euphoric dance starts with slow movements where every movement is made consciously and the energy is balanced. Using a sound background the body, mind and soul are unified through movement. The body is more flexible and the energy totally awakens. Body movements involve a certain flow of energies that can be felt and experienced while dancing. Although there are no many people who use to feel their own energy, the process is quite simple.

Emotions are exteriorized and freely expressed through dance. We have the opportunity to unfetter our emotions, to easily release stress and to feel free and happy. Letting the dance become part of our body, we unleash our inside spiritual power. Finally, a positive euphoric condition is achieved, which occurs as a result of all senses elation. We reconnect to the euphoria of our soul and experience its multitude energies.
Every time we discover newer and newer energy, therefore, the euphoric dance is an inner journey always full of surprises and enjoyment. By the movement filled with sublime and divine, every cell of our body comes alive until we become a center of light dance that enjoys the absolute freedom in the entire universe. We harmonize energetically and emotionally, we heal our soul and we spiritually awake.

By combining dance with meditation we discover the inside light that connects us to the whole thing and brings us peace. In this form of dance, the mindset is as important as the gestures we make. We understand that the hidden reality is the one, which acts and makes every move. Our consciousness grows within us together with the movement full of harmony. We feel more present, more aware of each moment; we enjoy life and its beauty.
Euphoric dance class is deeply experiential, so that each hour remains unforgettable. The most common findings of the participants are that life is a multi-dimensional play of energies and that the soul has infinite resources that provide overwhelming joy if you know how to access them. Going beyond the mind, the experience of unification occurs at a deep level of feeling and awareness.

Euphoric dance can be a daily practice with profound and powerful transforming effects through which it is possible to maintain emotional and energetic balance, which ensures a constant state of happiness.
I have the feeling of participating in the universe life whose essence flows through every cell of my body. I dance and feel free of all emotions and worries. I'm happy! Alina R, 29 years, Bucharest

I rediscovered a profound space in my heart where it is very very quiet. Here I feel myself and I am delighted to participate in the game between sky and earth. I feel the excitement of life. Whenever I dance I realize how easy it is to be happy, but I often forget it. Roxana A, 32 years old

When I’ve got to the dancing room, I was not in a very good state of being. The euphoric dance brought me back the smile on my lips and light in my heart. For me an hour of dance class is an hour of relaxation and enjoyment. Marian N., 33 years old

I'm cheerful when I close my eyes and let be carried by the music. I flight heights, I start an inside adventure where I feel free and happy as I want to be forever. I love to dance because this is the way I feel really expressing myself. Florina P., 23 years



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