Everyone needs a true friend


Everyone needs a true friendFriends are the Family we Choose for Ourself
It is said that we cannot chose our relatives, instead we can chose our friends. With friends we can form a spiritual family.
But such a relationship does not know the total fulfillment if our goals are not stronger than the  fears to be seen completely naked with all our defects and mistakes. The friendship is a confrontation with the limits of our own sincerity. In front of each of us are placed mirrors in order to recognize how much we love, how much confidence we have, how humble we are, how forgiving and released from personal chains we are.
We have many attractions, spontaneous sympathies, free time mates, agreeable acquaintance with which change compliments and we tend to confuse all of this with disinterested affection. But how difficult it is to be really close to someone and to accept each other as we are, without losing our faith in the essential perfection of the other.


In a true friendship, we are constantly under surveillance.
All the weaknesses and tricks that we try to hide are revealed. A true friendship uncovers all the masks that our ego manifests in moments of trial.
Therefore, to establish a deep friendship it is needed a silent sacrifice. The sacrifice of Ego that is always awake and inventive; Ego that as it is trapped will find a hollow to hide or a secret tunnel to dig in, to refuge with all its baggage. Ego that if happens to give up of some habits will spontaneously tend to cultivate secretly another habits skilful hidden from the eyes of the possible judges.
A total friendship shows us as alpinists who climb a vertical mountain wall, tied with the same rope. We can lift each other or we can put in danger of collapsing if one of us slips and hang over the abyss, and if the other one does not find the resources in trust, love and power to help his friend.


The friend who makes us laugh is very nice.
The friend that helps us with advices and good words worth all our affection. That who is understanding is great, same as the one who encourages us when we are in a difficult period. But the friend who stimulates us to discover and manifest the mysterious hidden treasures inside us is irreplaceable.
And since it came, would you like to have a FRIEND exactly how you are?


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