Use consciously the magic power of words


use consciously the magic power of wordsThe words talk about what is within us
"In the beginning was the Word," says the great book of life, the Bible. However there are only a few who take into account this evidence and do not understand the magic power of the spoken word. Words should not be thrown into the wind, they have to become mantras bringing peace, harmony and beauty. Words often bring out what is within our universe because they express our inner truth.
If you really want to know who you are, listen to yourself when you talk to others. Every word you use reflects what is happening inside of you. Therefore it really depends on you if the exchange of words between you and others is always fruitful and provides you a harmonious and happy life.


Stop using the word "try" – stop doubting
Remember how many times you have said something like: "I’ve tried to talk to him honestly about the misunderstanding that occurred", "I’ve tried to go to all the courses this semester" ... What do you think, did you really intend to do that thing?
Contemporary trainings of cognitive-behavioral psychology are unanimously voting for what the initiators already apply: to avoid this verb. "Trying" expresses an unsuccessfully completed action, which already contains in it the idea of failure.
Imagine that you want to meet your boyfriend tomorrow at 3 PM in Cishmigiu park. And he tells you: "I will try to be there." What do you understand by his words? It's possible for him to come or not to come. If he says: "We will meet at 3 PM", then you are sure that he will be there at this time.
While issuing a word or formulating a statement you give a form to the present and create the future. Therefore it is good to acknowledge that the words you use will serve you get where you want, or rather prevent you of it.
Stop "trying" to do something. Better make up your mind and get right to the action, do it. When you say "yes, I will try to do it" you already doubt your success. Use the words that have the magical power of success. It is better to say: "Yes, definitely I will do it". Doubt limits you. Doubt contains the fear in it and the failure seed. Do not impede yourself. Use words that pave the road to your success and happiness.


the magic power of wordsTurn weaknesses into achievements
Do you often use the phrase "I'm not able to..."? Do you think yourself incapable to do lots of different things? Have you been told as a child that you are not able to do that or this thing? Now, I remind you that you can do a lot more than you might think. Like most people you use only a small percentage of brain capacity. 3% do you think is a lot? What about the rest up to 100 %? It seems that we block this potential and the thing that blocks most is this mistaken belief that "we can not", "we are not able to".
Many of us point to much attention to our weaknesses, emphasize them, sometimes we like to complain or even to victimize ourselves. Give up these negative and pessimistic trends. Manage your life from the optimistic point of view. You have nothing to lose, by contrary you have all the chances to win.
Choose to believe in yourself, in the unused potential, in the unlimited being of who you really are. Transform this "I am not able to ..." into "I have all the chances to succeed." You will notice the transformation yourself. The magical words will help you to mysteriously transform the weakness into achievement.


It is worthwhile to firstly understand what you really wish to fulfill. After this, write down your concrete positive actions you have already taken in this direction. How powerful is your effort, how much time do you allow to it, how efficient you are?
After making this evaluation it is possible to become aware of the fact that you are able to do much more than you have assumed. Restate the objective. Write down the specific actions, which you can perform within a precise period of time and can help you In achieving your goal successfully. Write down your impressions daily. Finally make an honest evaluation of the chosen objective, and look for alternative solutions.


Unbelievable but true
Did you have such exceptional moments in your life when you have exclaimed, "Unbelievable", "I cannot believe it", " It's too good to be true"? Comments like these are defeatist and block the extraordinary energy of those moments. Beyond them lies the belief that you do not deserve such a beautiful experience. These words cancel the beneficial effect of what is happening great, wonderful, and sublime. When you say something is incredible, you deny that thing, do not believe in it, you separate yourself from it and reject it. In fact, this way of thinking isolates you from reality, separates you from the present moment and blocks the smooth flow of energy that could make you happy and bring you success.
Do not forget that you become what you think and all the time it’s you who empower the words with magical value. And it’s up to you the way you use this magical power, which is always at your disposal. Do you think successful people are the people who just get lucky and that’s all? Not at all. Some people have inner and outer discipline, consciously using the right word in the right place. You can also do it. It is not very complicated. The first step is to be careful what you speak and regardless the emotions you are going through do not say loud words you could regret later.
To make it easier if you decide to quit using the losing, pessimistic and denial expressions: "I tried to......", "I'm not able to.....", "It's too good to be true," ask the people around you to warn you every time you use them automatically. It's an excellent technique to become aware of the language you use. This way you will get the best habits, which will automatically bring you happiness and success.
If you really want to know who you are, listen to yourself when you talk to others. Every word you use reflects what is happening inside of you. Therefore it really depends on you if the exchange of words between you and others is always fruitful and provides you a harmonious and happy life.


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