Use the inner strength of your ideals


use the inner strength of your idealsTo succeed in life is necessary to know what you want
Thus advises you any man passed through life. If you do not know what you want, do not get anywhere. Although it may seem too simple, is true and perfectly valid. Learn to know your deepest aspirations of the soul and the pure desires of your heart. I'm not talking here about the wishes or blind desires, arising from greed or other lower tendencies. But about those ideals we have deeply imprinted in our soul and that sometimes we lose sight. "Life is too hard" or "there are so many things to do" or "  now I do not have time to think about it ..."  these are just some of the many tricks that many people apply them themselves.


Stop for a moment and summarize now
Especially at the beginning of the year it is important to make this insight into your own ideals. To see what you truly want, what you wanted and what you have accomplished so far. The future had started right in this moment. The chance to transform it the way you want is NOW and HERE, in your hands.
Realize what you want and emit these elevate desires with power, with all your inner strength. It's good to know that when you start to want something wholeheartedly you create a link between that thing and your being, the much stronger your desire is more beneficial and more burning is, and your striving to achieve it more wiser. And as this link is stronger, the magic of its appearance in your life will soon be felt.

What blocks you is the fact that you give too much importance to the material aspect of things and you don’t give enough attention to your ideals. Get used to live first in your thoughts the ideals you want to accomplish. Then project yourself in a future moment in which they have already accomplished. This way you’ll see it's much easier to believe in them. The more you believe, the faster they will manifest in your life.

If, for example, you want to keep your beauty, it's important to learn to live permanently with mentalization of your beauty, if you want abundance, you must live permanently maintaining a mental state, or in other words, specific resonance that creates abundance and do not complain if you don’t have enough or as much as you wish. If you want something, experience that something, rebuild it in a conscious manner in your being and give it life. You have what you feed. Feed the idea of abundance, you will have abundance.


Live anticipative joy of your ideals
Close your eyes. Bring on the screen of your inner sight the vision of who you want to be. It remains only to believe strongly that you can get to be that person, immediately removing any negative idea, of sickness or any suggestion of inferiority that might sneak into your mind. Never let yourself to be too concerned of your weaknesses and flaws that you still have. They exist only because you still allow them. Always bring your ideal present in your mind and soul and courageously struggle to realize it. You will certainly raise up to it, if it is beneficial for you and for the universe.

In the strongly held belief that our desires and aspirations will be realized, that our dreams will occur, is a great and mysterious power. Nothing helps more than the belief that things will always turn into good and not evil, that we succeed and we will not fall, that we will be happy in spite of everything that might happen or not. Therefore live anticipative joy of your ideals as if they already came to life. This will make that soon your creative imagination become a reality.

Orson S. Marden, author of "Positive thinking Miracles" states: "Keeping an optimistic attitude you can be sure that you will reach your goal, whatever you seek to do or be, you will notice with surprise how much you will develop your skills and how much better your entire life will turn. Then when the mind has formed the habit of feeding only with happy thoughts, optimistic and encouraging, can not do otherwise.
The belief that the future will reserve only good things, the conviction that we will be happy and that we will prosper, being prepared to face any eventuality, here is the best capital that we can help ourselves with during our life. "

The most important thing to succeed in everything you propose to yourself is to believe strongly that everything is possible, even if at first some of your ideals may seem foolish or unfeasible. If you represent inwardly in a vivid manner, though sufficiently maintained clear images of what you want to materialize in your life and if you always follow energetic accomplishment of your ideals, with your whole inner strength you have available, is much more certain that you will succeed instead of disregarding this attitude.

use the inner strength of your idealsSome people give up very easily to they’re aspirations and ideals because of an inner helplessness that convince them that they can not or do not deserve. They do not understand that the intensity and constancy of the desire is that what gives them power of achievement. All people are children of the universe and deserves everything, as long as they remain connected to the beneficial universal forces, to the universal flow of Divine Life. Reconnect yourself to the Infinite Cosmic Power from where all originates. Feed yourself from this universal Source and acknowledge yourself as a happy child which nothing can be denied.

Once you've clearly structured your ideals and found the inner forces to believe that they are possible and feasible, remains to persevere and maintain constant the aspiration to fulfill them. The desire begins to be truly a stimulus only then when is transformed into a lasting decision. The aspiration united with a firm decision that gives rise to that creative power which then translates into practical results. We continuously enhance or detract our inner strength through the quality of our thoughts, our emotions, our ideals. Thus, our ideals sculpts our fates and characters. They have a huge influence on the direction of our lives, on our happiness and our fulfillment in life.

The universe will respond
The intensity of your desire is important and becomes all necessary fuel for the entire gear to work. Ask firmly and with faith. It does not matter the fact that this reality may seem at first improbable or faraway, that the future looks unfavorable or that you do not see yet the ways to manifest. The universe is unpredictable, has mysterious ways that are always surprising and miraculous. What you have to do is just to believe that it is possible, to allow energy flows to manifest and materialize your desires, at the right time. Learn to be free of any expectation, do no rush the universe, everything will happen when it is really necessary in accordance with the entire universal harmony.


Accept that the time of transformation has come!
Think and do not say about you only what you wish to be in reality. People that always complain that always say, everywhere and useless, that they are tired, exhausted, that they have no chance, that an adverse fate pursued them and will always remain so, that they worked hard trying in vain to reach a result, that the do not have luck, nor money etc, they do not realize that in this way they will do nothing but to deepen and worsen always in mind these dark scenarios. But they exist because these people have created them and because they believe in them, because they do not want to leave them behind, though always say they want something else.

If you do the same, and if you wish something else but what you now have in your life, make now this step towards success and achievement (enlightenment). Accept that the time of transformation has come. Give up on old mental habits, on the patterns that keeps you in a state of inappropriate resonance, unfavorable, unlucky. Actually, the luck does not exist in itself as a given, it is always attracted to those who believe in it. Choose to be among the lucky ones, among those who have taken their destiny into their own hands and do something good with it. Discover in you the courage to admit your tendencies and your lack of faith in the Infinite opportunities. If you do not have the courage you can not transform anything. Nobody is possible to hide for too long that which constantly occupies his thoughts. Facial expression, body and your way of living always give you away. Therefore, learn to let go of what no longer serves you and guard that your emotions and thoughts are always higher, noble, useful and positive creative. We propose another path, better, happier, closer to your soul. The effort, however, is yours!

We are all the result of our thoughts
We get ourselves exactly as we metalized ourselves even in our most secret thoughts. The habit to see daily in us a being created to fulfill a divine perfect mission, a being capable to fulfill the mission, gives us an unflinching confidence, a great power and a continuous encouragement.

If you want to start on a particular path, aim your thoughts towards your ideals giving them as much power as possible. Focus your attention on them until you feel that they have taken shape as much that almost see them push you forward. So eventually they will do. Then your choices will bring you everything you want!


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