Inner Man – The Hidden Part of Your Soul


inner man - the hidden parte of your soulThe necessity to be in a love relationship is the most intense desire a woman feels beginning from adolescence or even sooner. Whether we are in love or we are looking for it, whether we have a fulfilling relationship or one in which we suffer or one which it is unsatisfying for us, or even if we don't have any love relationship for the moment, it is obvious that more than a half of our inner forces are focused on love. And this is an extremely important aspect of our life.

Have you ever asked yourself sincerely ‘what is it that you are actually looking for’, ‘what do you expect from a love relationship’? The simplest answer which I received most often is: ' I want him, I don't want/ can't live without him', or in the best cases 'it is hard for me to live without him, I am suffering...' It is a 'he' who already exists in your life or whom you are expecting to appear. Nevertheless, the answer is wrong, far from the truth of your soul. It is not what you really want. If you listen to the voice of your soul carefully you will see a tremendous need for love in the depths of your being, which is expressed as the desire to be with a certain man when it reaches the surface of your consciousness.

The idea that only the presence and the love of a man can make you happy is only a distortion of the necessity to offer and receive love which your being feels. In many cases, if not in most of the cases, I may say, when you reach the conclusion that only a certain man can generate sublime states of overwhelming love within you, then you will surely experience sufferance in love. There are many such examples. Look around or within you and you will see that this is how it is. Sufferance appears when you stubbornly believe that only one man is the source of your happiness and love.

I have made this mistake few times in my life. I suffered every time. At one point I understood that love is an energy that exults and enchants my soul and the man I love is the happy mirror that reflects this energy for me. It is a game of reflecting one in the other one's soul. But what a sublime game...


You are always in love with love
I suggest making an exercise. Close your eyes and go back in time evoking all the love relationships you have had in this life. Every time you experiment love, your inner state is always just as intense, vivid and fascinating; it is differently colored only by the specific personal touch of the being you felt in love with, despite the age you were then. Can you say it was something else? Become aware of the fact that you were always in love with love, with something beyond the man you loved, with something that attracted and conquered your heart again and again.

You often thought ‘Yes, it is him the one I was waiting for’. But life went on and often proved to you that your beliefs were wrong. Let’s see an example. Once you were in love, very much in love with a man. Then all your consciousness was focused on him and on the love you felt at that time. Even so, love disappeared after a while. At least, this is what you might think.


Love always remains in your soul
You meet that man now and you wonder how it is possible not to feel that intense sublime state that ‘put you on fire’. It seems impossible to understand, but when you look closer and when you make an insight, you feel that love is still within your soul. It has always been there and the love relationships you had were only wonderful circumstances in which this love could express itself.

Even without knowing it, you, as a woman, have aspired to the ideal man within you (in men’s case – to the ideal woman) and the full of grace answer to this essential archetype of your soul was objected by the means of all men that you loved, you are loving now or you will love (similarly, by the means of all women that a man loved, is loving now, or will love in the future).

Inner man- or, inner woman – represents the purest, the most sacred and most beautiful part of our soul for each of us, an aspect we aspire to, consciously or not, when we fall in love, when we fully love. Thus, our being becomes a whole and divides itself.


You give up love – you give up a part of your soul
We fall in love spontaneously when we recognize a certain manifestation of our soul archetype (even if it is partial) in the other person. If we forget or even ignore totally the connection between the other being and our inner man, the touch of grace that generated our love is possible to fade or even disappear quite easily because we are heading gradually towards a strictly human relationship.

This is the reason why, in time, we may discover more and more differences between the other being and our inner ideal. Then we think that ‘it is not like in the beginning’ although it is the same being, but we cannot make the connection between him and the ideal within our soul.
 Soul is a sphere that has two halves: one feminine and one masculine. Its whole awakening ends with the entire revelation of its superior hemisphere which is exactly our fundamental ideal and which always calls us to it.


Let’s choose to love first of all
As we are sexual beings, women or men, the superior side of our soul always has the shape of an ideal woman in a man’s case (ANIMA) or of an ideal man (ANIMUS) in a woman’s case. Nevertheless, we always focus (even without knowing it) all our sublime aspirations, all our wonderful thoughts and even all our states of love that we manifest on this superior hemisphere. When we understand this fact very well we have more freedom than before, as we always discover an endless source of love, of plenitude, of life, energy, beauty, aspiration and sacredness within us (in our heart).

Now we overcome the previous state when, consciously or not, we asked more than we gave. Because now our soul is always full and we are ready to give. Now we know that we have almost everything within us and it is not important if we receive anything back and the ideal of our soul responds more and more through the persons we love. In fact, only now we can love truly detached, fully and freely because we understood that we are free and that all the love in the world is in our soul, and our love is more and more increased by all the persons we loved, we are loving now or we will love in the future.


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