The Journey with Brandon Bays

the journey with brandon bays“The Journey Process developed by Brandon Bays is a deceptively simple technique that facilitates emotional and physical self-healing in the shortest possible time. It can be learned and applied by anyone almost immediately, yet is able to catalyze profound healing results even after other modalities have been tried and failed. I would recommend The Journey Process wholeheartedly to anyone.” (Ian Watson – Co-found r of the Lakeland College for Homeopathy)


The healing through the processing of the problem
The book “The Journey” by Brandon Bays presents the amazing experience of its author who healed herself of a basketball size tumor through solving some emotional trauma and without surgical treatment. It is the courageous journey of an exceptional woman who followed perseveringly and with faith her own destiny, triumphing extraordinarily start over her diagnostic.
The verdict she received from the doctors in 1992 determined her to an absolutely remarkable journey who took her to the revealing of her own soul and to healing. Six and a half weeks later, the CTs showed Brandon perfectly healthy – without any drugs or surgery. The process of self-healing Brandon went through is a brilliant inspiration. This process consists in reaching the cause of the problems we’re facing, in processing the root cause, and not only being busy with the effects or symptoms.
After this healing, considered as miraculous by the classic medicine, Brandon Bays thought out these techniques to help other people in healing themselves of different illnesses and traumas. In applying the techniques developed by Bradon Bays the results are truly lasting and profound and they have healing effects both in short and long term. The chronic pains are reduced or even healed. The same is with the depression, the anxiety, the anger, the lack of self-confidence, the pain and the blockages.


The importance of the emotional healing
In the six weeks she took for healing herself, Brandon actions were directed both towards the physical level, through purification techniques, but mostly towards the emotional level. She aimed to reach the cause which generated the tumor in order to eradicate the emotional roots that triggered the appearance of the tumor.
Deepak Chopra, the most renowned speaker of our days on the subject of cellular healing, highlights very clearly the importance of the emotional healing: “The emotional memories are stored inside the body cells and the pattern is transferred from the old cells to the new ones. Even if the cells are renewed, the pattern is still there and the true healing will be reached only when that person will have freed themselves of those cellular memories.”
After the period she dedicated the heal herself, Bradon repeated the medical investigations in a clinic with ultramodern equipment. The doctor that conducted the investigations had a reaction of admiration: “You are not only healthy; you are in fact perfectly healthy! Your organs look like in a medicine manual. (…)This is a perfect uterus. Your organs look exactly as they should look; they are perfect from each point of view – as size, position, proportion – they are absolutely impeccable… It is remarkable for your age.”
Bradon Bays obtained a truly remarkable and miraculous victory. The techniques she discovered help thousands of people to heal their emotional wounds and even the illnesses classified as incurable by the modern medicine.
“In my case, the healing happened exactly as my inner knowledge warned me – that part of myself which was responsible for the tumor growing dissolved it as the right time. Besides, I had the amazing privilege to consciously participate in this process and to learn the lesson that tumor gave it to me” said Bradon Bays after this extraordinary experience.
In present Bradon Bays gives seminaries about healing all over the world and shares her personal experience and the Journey method which was inspired to her by her healing journey.

the journey with brandon baysRecommended for mothers
- The role of a mother can be very demanding from the emotional point of view. This methods helps at emotional freeing
- The emotional equilibrium of the mother is very important for the emotional health of her children and this method is very beneficial
- Once learned, it can be very easily applied with the children with exceptional results
- In the pregnancy period it can be applied to travel inside the body and to communicate with the baby
- It helps the conscious participation in the harmonious emotional development of the child
- It gives harmony and equilibrium on physical, psychic and spiritual levels
- It helps the reconnection with the soul and its profound beneficial needs
- It harmonizes the parent-child relationship

...and other gifts will be revealed through this method.


Recommended for grandparents
- The chronic pains are relieved and even healed when the emotional causes of the illness are discovered and treated
- The capacity of cellular regeneration is increased
- It helps the reconnection with the soul and its profound beneficial needs
- It is both an emotional and a spiritual journey
- It helps in making pace with the past and in finding the joy of living
- It improves the quality of the sleep
- It is exceptional in ameliorating and healing the depression, the anxiety and the emotional instability

...and other gifts will be revealed through this method.  


the journey with brandon baysRecommended for psychologists and students in Psychology
- It is a technique very efficient and easy to apply
- It is an efficient method in discovering oneself and personal development
- It is an exceptional method which allows that, in a single session, the whole therapeutic process is done
- It is a method that access the superego
- It is a method that can be applied for all the age groups
- It is a procedure that combines more methods: experimental psychotherapy, transpersonal psychotherapy, psychodrama

...and other gifts will be revealed through this method.


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