Emotional healing - a necessity in order to improve life`s quality

emotional healing - a necessity in order to improve life`s qualityWhat is emotional healing?
The process of emotional healing bestows in the awareness and acceptance of our emotions of any kind and their wise management in order to let go of the tensed emotional accumulations and to develop a balanced way of living and reacting to everything which life brings.
Certain life situations possibly could have been awakening in us feelings of anger, discontent, guilt, indignation, rebellion, helplessness, and so on. Some of us have chosen to express these emotions, others to suppress them.
There are healing methods to express these emotions, which help us to get rid even completely of these tensions. But if the exteriorization of emotions is only a defense mechanism, such as better I hit than somebody else hits me, this transforming in time in an aggressive or dominant behavior, in reality, the negative emotions stay in us and even can amplify. Neither the non-expressing of the emotions is a solution, because they will smolder and will create specific behavioral tendencies (a state of helplessness, the hypostasis of victim), and even health problems.
And regarding emotions, the wisest way is the middle way: namely their acceptance and the emotional purification.


Why it is important to heal the emotional traumas
Emotional traumas, even we are aware of them or not, reflect in our behavior. They are responsible for the states of anxiety, for fears, phobias, difficulties in relating with others (at the family, professional or at the couple level), compulsive reactions, dependencies, etc.
May be you have been at a certain moment in the situation that somebody, which even did not know you, raised his voice at you without no motive. Have you asked yourself in that moment what was troubling him, why did he do that? What was annoying him and why he was reacting like that? Or have you been in the situation to react exaggeratedly when a colleague made a remark and you did not know why this was happening to you.  Emotional traumas make us react in certain situations in a completely illogical way.
When a certain life situation is from a certain point of view very much alike the situation which produced the emotional trauma, we have a defense reaction which appears most of the time involuntarily. Sometimes we ask ourselves after the critical moment has passed: “Why I behaved like that? Why have I take personally that situation? Why did I lose my temper? Why did I lose my control?”
Being aware of emotional traumas and healing them allow us to re-equilibrate ourselves at the emotional level, to improve the relationships with others, to get rid of fears, anguishes, shyness, and inferiority complexes, to find our peace and to improve our life.


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