Motivation in the emotional healing process


motivation in the healing processThe emotional traumas affect our life’s quality
The emotional traumas appear due to the fact that we do not succeed ‘digesting’ some situations in our lives. When we eat something indigestible, the stomach hurts and we have problems at a digestive level. When we don’t know how to or we cannot digest a certain situation in our life, emotional traumas are accumulating, that consequently, affect our behavior and quality of life.

The emotional healing process, many times supposes to confront ourselves with memories connected to that situation (or situations) that we did not ‘digest’ and to see it now from a different point of view, so as not to affect us anymore. This step of confronting with memories can be difficult. Can be perceived as painful.

The emotions correlated with that situation can be amplified on the spur of the moment, because now they are acknowledged. But, if we keep these emotions in the conscience’s light, they will be purified. When we confront ourselves, for example, with a fear estate (following to a traumatizing situation from our past), if we become as conscious as possible about it and the conjuncture in which it appeared, and we simply see it as something different from us, its power will diminish a lot and it will even disappear.

That what makes the negative emotions affect us is the fact that we identify ourselves with them, we define ourselves as personalities through them and the life situations we have been through. If we will realize that we are much more than these situations, or than the way we have reacted in a certain situation, we could see everything from a completely different perspective. From this new and superior point of view, what seemed to be a wyvern, will be nothing but a colored paper dragon, hidden in a dark corner. The fact that there was not enough light there, made the colored paper figure seem like a horrifying dragon. 

From this new and superior point of view, we will be able to forgive ourselves for the way in which we have reacted back then and we will be able to forgive those we consider were in fault with us. From this new and superior point of view, we will be able to develop a healthy and creative way of reacting in different situations in our lives.

”It cannot go on like this!” – determined motivation
It is important that when we start an emotional healing process, we assume this to ourselves. Which means, for us to be determined to confront our ‘wyvern’ in order to expose him and to make it obvious to our mind that he is just a colored paper dragon.

There are human beings that are moved by the aspiration of transforming themselves spiritually, and this motivates them to purify themselves from all the emotional residues, in order to discover themselves as pure luminous beings.

But nowadays, most of the times, we get to have the motivation of transforming our lives and of healing our emotional traumas, the moment we feel that we’ve reached the limit. Then, when we feel: “It cannot go on like this anymore! I need to do something!” Or then, when we get to have major health problems.   

If we understand that the emotional healing can improve a lot our lives’ quality, the quality of our relation with ourselves, as well as of the relations with the others, then, we do not have to wait anymore to reach to limit situations in order to free ourselves of the emotional traumas. We can start right now, firmly intending to do so and continuing by searching for the most appropriate means for us.

Make trampolines for spiritual transformation out of your emotional traumas
As I said before, the emotional traumas appear when we do not ‘digest’ a certain life situation. Actually, in such a situation, we refuse the spiritual lesson that the situation offers us.

The emotional traumas can become our teachers and be the fuel for a meaningful spiritual leap. Remembering situations that traumatized us gives us the possibility to learn the spiritual and life lesson
that we didn’t succeed learning in the past.
Many human beings that passed through complex emotional healing processes have reported that their lives improved significantly. Even if it was more difficult for them to pass such and such stages of the healing process (especially because there still was a certain resistance for learning that spiritual lesson), they consider that all the effort was worth it. Most of them refer to this as being a spiritualization of their lives and finding again the real meaning of life: THE SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION.  


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