Acceptance - an art of life


acceptance - an art of lifeWhat is acceptance?
Sometimes in our life things can happen that create unpleasant feelings, revolt or cause a lot of suffering. Do we have any alternative to these situations?

Yes, we do. We can not turn back the clock. We can not cancel an event that has already occurred. But we can choose how we react to it. Acceptance is an art of life that helps us to remain calm, balanced and detached to the events of our lives. It helps us conserve energy and be more resistant to stress. It helps us transform our life situations in life lessons.

Acceptance means to say YES to what it is, to what has already happened and it is a fact. Does not mean that we have to consider good what it is bad, but to accept the situation as a fact.


Acceptance does not mean passivity
Acceptance does not mean renunciation to action. Acceptance gives us a better perspective on the situation, as if we look down and have an overall view. This perspective is an important ally to succeed in any circumstance.
Sometimes in our lives we react to situations under the impulse of the emotions and after that we regret a lot. Then we realize that it was not the wisest attitude. Sometimes we aggravate the situation due to uncontrolled emotional reactions. Learning the art of acceptance we gain a better emotional balance.
Acceptance allows us to act more wisely and efficiently, with better results on the long term. It is the first step in a lucid and wise action strategy.
When we accept a situation we are in reality much more vigilant to it, than when we hide it somewhere in our mind thinking that in this way it will disappear. Being aware of it we harness more as a life lesson. We learn from it much more than when we argue or when we do not want to see as if nothing happened.


acceptance- an art of lifeTechnique to apply acceptance in our life
Acceptance is not just a concept, but an art of life which is learned through constant practice and awareness. Therefore, I propose a very simple and effective acceptance technique.
Here is how to realize:

1. Sit comfortably on a chair or armchair. It is better to have a straight position of the body.
2. Close your eyes.
3. Breathe deeply a few times, as if you prepare yourself to make a big jump and collect all your strength.
4. Stay quiet for some moments until you feel that your breathing is regular and very quiet.
5. Evoke the situation you want to accept it. Look at it as if you are looking to a movie, the movie of your own life.
6. Accept the situations as a fact. Do not label as good or as bad. Just accept it because it has occurred or because it exists in your life.
7. Realize the impact that had this detached contemplation on you and on your self-esteem.
8. Thank God for that situation that helped you learn a life lesson.


The story of a woman who has applied acceptance technique
"When I realized for the first time the technique, I was after a recently ended relationship and was affected by this separation.
I could not accept that the relationship ended, that the man I still love very much does not love me any more and don’t want to do anything to regenerate our relationship. I could not accept that I am alone. I felt that everyone judges me because at 40 years old I am alone, that I don’t have a boyfriend, that this situation is the proof  I have no value as a woman.
Finding about the acceptance technique, I decided to apply it. I sat on a chair, closed my eyes, took a deep breath and looked forward situation: I was alone, my boyfriend left me. Did  not judge this situation in any way, nor me under all that happened. I just accept it.
To my surprise, soon I began to feel an inner peace that nourish my soul. Then I saw myself in a new light: beautiful, radiant, fascinating, valuable as I am right now, in this moment.
I felt that I really love myself (without any vanity) and that if I can keep this state I will be always happy no matter what's going to happen in my life. "


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