The traps of the ego

the traps of the egoEach one of us, whatever our age, we are wise in the making, and the multitude and variety of life situations, are nothing else than unique opportunities for us to grow ever more.


The source of all our suffering is the Ego
Researcher in psychology Luce Bertrand believes that the source of all our suffering is the ego. Learning to recognize the ego behind its deceptive appearances, is necessary to avoid long wandering on paths that it will never lead us to our goal.

If it is true that generally we use just a small part of our intelligence, equally true that even less we use the potential of our soul, our true value.
Most of us form our personality adhering to certain beliefs and convictions that do not belong to us, which we took over from various other people whom we consider important in our lives. Knowing that this is a personality formation based on diffidence and based on their own fears can be helpful and can lead to true inner revolution.


Trust yourself, each human has abundantly of everything it needs!
Desperately seeking the approval of others, we only strengthen our belief that our value comes from the outside and from others; and this is one of the beliefs that gave rise to the greatest suffering. True value of every man is in his heart.
Leave to you few free moments of silence to meditate, listen to your inner voice, face to face with yourself. Give yourself as much as possible this time every day, at the same place and at the same hour.
 Breathe deeply and calm; remove from your thoughs any worries. Relax, take advantage of these privileged moments where you are face to face with yourself.


"You are love itself – then when you do not fear"
Each one of us has a lesson that it must learn it from others and also has a  lesson to give to the others; and it happens regardless of age. Small or at age, we are all equally important at the deepest level of our essence.


We are like the equal links of a chain
The common man seems to take a permanent struggle whose final goal is to be recognized his value by an external system - for example in the family, in the love relationship or in the professional domain - and this leads to an endless competition, a contest with people around us.
This is the ego's illness from wich all our sufferings  arise, because true suffering appears only when we enter the competition.
Let’s take the example of a small boy who wants his mother to love him more than his sister. He will suffer whenever the mother will praise her daughter, when it will buy her different things, when she will give her attention, even if he has part of the same maternal attention.
In his suffering, he will react negativistic, sometimes depriving himself of what he wants most. It is possible that he may refuse manifestations of affection in order to express frustration. He will suffer alot because of his ego that prevents to have access not only to the love of his mother, which is though present, but also to the full potential of existing love in his being. Why? Because his ego maintains his fear; and so is happening in all cases  in the moment we let ourselves manipulated or driven by ego. The little boy is afraid that his mother will not love him if she cares also for his sister.


The illusions are the limited ego’s kingdom
Similarly, appears the fear in adults relationships, for example in the case of some couples. This way appears jealousy, possessiveness, then envy, revenge, aggression and eventually isolation.


The go is "allergic" to happiness
The ego is very convincing and very skillful, because it has the art to touch the most sensitive chords of man. It creates the illusion with the hep of it’s "agents" that are in his service, which entice us with the most extravagant fantasies in that area or aspect of our lives where we are most sensitive.


The ego speaks the most exciting languages
The ego speaks the most exciting languages: that of money, that of sexuality, that of power and of superficiality. He promises the moon; and yet it always brings us in baleful or dangerous situations or relationships that can only lead to misunderstandings and suffering. He is the expert of passionate feelings, poisonous, prison where there is noease, peace or serenity.

The ego does not have these terms; on the contrary, he deceives us by making us not to reach the extraordinary, the passionate, the high. He speaks of heights, but never opens the way for them; never tells us that after the euphoria of illusions, there is free fall.
Nor does it say that greed, egotic desires or uncontrolled sensuality does not represent acts of love, but of possessiveness. Nor does it say about steep price you have to pay for the pleasures that come from these harmful relationships, that we ultimately pay them through our tears, grief and bitterness and does not say anything about the time nor about the temptations through which we must pass to free us. Hs heavens are artificial and very soon will show their similarity to hell.
When we are facing a double election we must know to recognize how the "agents" of ego acts: in general, the best choice for us is one that requires from us to overcome some difficulties and taking certain efforts.
But this is not the path proposed by the ego; to little matters how much air we blow in a balloon, it will always end up deflate; even more if we blow too much, the balloon will burst under our eyes. The balloons represents always illusions, and the illusions are the kingdom of the ego.


Many people fall into the trap and saying that they will do everything better than others
Many people say that they will not live monotonous lives of their parents, they will not settle for an ordinary salary, will not endure sufferings endured by his own, and will not raise their children as they were raised. They are the favorite victims of the ego.
Of course there is nothing wrong in wanting to surround yourself and be open to abundance and prosperity at all levels. The trap is to stay in "having" to the detriment of "being".
The personality oriented "to have" is limited to appearance and material. It has a general requirement of noise and go forth continuously to escape the state of void or emptiness it creates. It matters little what amount are his possessions, his interest in these assets is short-lived, because no external possessions can not fill the emptiness inside.

The being focused on "being" is much richer inward and its main goal is the spiritual growth and achieving a state of deep inner peace and serenity. He is not necessarily any recluse or poor, but he does not identify with what he has, but with what is. Its pace of life is more calm and he seeks quiet moments to listen to the inner voice.

In "having" we accumulate values; in "being" we recognize our own value.


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