Women Who Inspire Us

femei care te inspiraWhy are some women more special?
There have been and there still are wonderful women among us who inspire us, whom we consider more special. They are remarkable for something special, for an exceptional quality of their soul and for special achievements. You have surely admired at least one woman for that ‘something extraordinary’ within her, for her way of being or for her achievements.

Every woman is unique and has her specific beauty. Nevertheless, some women are more aware of their endowments, have a strong faith in them and emanate the beauty of their soul with such a force that their presence can’t be overlooked. The belief in their talents and in their aspirations, which they have followed with dedication, made them or is still making them more special.

Each of us can do this starting with this very moment. We should begin with believing in ourselves and we should move on to fulfil our dreams. If we admire successful women we gain more faith that this is achievable. What they have succeeded to be and to achieve inspires us.

There are women who inspire us through their refinement, sensibility, compassion, devotion, strong faith in an ideal, through their courage and tenacity to fulfill this ideal, through their love for God, through sensuality  and naturalness, creativity, spiritual aspiration, through the power to overcome difficulties, through dignity, intelligence, power of sacrifice and patience.

They make us believe that it is possible to perfect the manifestation of our femininity or at least, some of its aspects. They make us want to be better, more aware of ourselves. They make us believe in our talents and highlight them. They inspire us to value life with all its gifts and to live it to the fullest.


Let us admire exceptional women
Unfortunately not all famous women of our days are truly worth admiring. In some cases, their celebrity is much bigger than their feminine qualities. We live in a time when advertisement doesn’t reflect reality in many cases. But there have been and there still are special women worth being known. Some of them are less known although they achieved admirable things.  

Mother Teresa impressed an entire world through her compassion and tenacity. Teresa of Avila is an example of devotion and spiritual aspiration. Less known, though exceptional, is Lalla, an Indian woman who dedicated her life to be in communion with God.

Sarada Devi manifested a maternal love for many people; this is why she was named ‘the sacred mother of India’. Amma is a special woman of these times who impresses through love and self-abnegation.

Marilyn Monroe is an example of sensuality. Isadora Duncan impressed through her passion in dancing, through the way of transposing music in motion, through the way she felt music and dance. Alexandra David Neel is distinguished for her unique writings about Eastern spirituality. Her books and writings are absolutely fascinating. Aimee Mullins has her legs amputated from the knees which did not prevent her from becoming a model, an actress and a successful sportswoman.

There are many other women, more or less famous whose lives may inspire us. I invite you to visit our Forum and to tell us which women you admire, why, and the way in which they are inspiring foryou.


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